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Thread in 'Discussion' started by Qlex, 25 Jul 2015.

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  2. I still want one!
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    LOL. What was the point of stealing the name from again?

    Surely not to require measures like to make sure traffic ends up on the "correct" domain.

    If you guys had started with an original site name after the real TC shut down its forum, GDQ could have been a glorious achievement for your community...instead of a bitter reminder of your shameful act.

  4. We liked it, so we kept it going (as a democratic community decision, I might add) when it otherwise would have been taken from us.

    Not really - if you google Tetrisconcept this place (unsurprisingly) has a higher pagerank than caffeine's life-support version of the original domain. I think the point of the shirt was just for a bit of amusement and also maybe instil a bit of themed curiosity for people. It's not like we don't have t-shirts (and flags!) floating about if we'd wanted a more direct but also more boring option. And anyone who seriously wants to know more about TGM is going to find this place eventually, given that the only alternative Tetris community is and there aren't many fucks given about TGM over there.

    That's just like, your opinion, man.

    We could have fragmented up onto different sites and the Tetris blocks at AGDQ might never have come to light. Who knows. Either way the point is to spread the word and hype for TGM and from what I've seen on Reddit and Twitter (and the influx of new TGM players on here from AGDQ in Jan) I think they've done a pretty good job. Plus I don't think new players would really give much of a crap about political forum drama that happened years ago - most people who were actually around at the time don't seem to care any more (though weirdly some people who weren't apparently do). Either way keep being bitter and trolling if you want, is the internet after all.
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  5. +1
    I didn't even remember myself what he was talking about without having to think about it :p
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    At no point was search relevance ever a factor in the genesis of this T-shirt. Here's how we came up with it:

  7. Unfortunately the shirt was cut from :qlexgasm: though
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