ESA 17 (SGDQ 2017) Welcome to boom! Tetris for Jeff

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  1. Welcome to the marvelous world of Tetris done quick! Tetrisconcept is a super duper Tetris community with a lot of Tetris the Grandmaster players. Tetris the Grandmaster = TGM. Here I post a bunch of videos to keep you up to date with the latest Tetris goodness.

    There are many players of different horizons especially with NES Tetris. Koryan was already there the previous year so I'll go over some other notable achievements, one of which happened about yesterday! SuPa and Jani are under the spot this time :)

    Real Talk : Watch Koryan's videos.

    Terror Instinct went a bit silent these days, up until just a few days ago when a Japanese player, Suitougreentea (ryokucha/緑茶), actually got the long-awaited grade of Classic Grand Master! That makes him the seventh person in the entire world to complete this achievement.

    Death. I beat Jago at a game of consistency.

    TGM1. Kevin beat Jago at a game of consistency, surpassing a Western record that had stood for years!

    And the TGM1 story here, which started from this amazing run by Kashiwa, probably the most consistent and best TGM player out there.

    Special note : The doubles category got nuts this year, with a record standing for about a decade that finally bit the dust.

    And then this happened!

    My recommendation to you this year is Bulletnick. And this video from SGDQ 2017!

    And that's it. Thank you for your attention :) I hope you'll enjoy the ride.

    And as always, stay awesome!

    Introduction thread : HERE
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  2. Whoa, so now that's two people in the world who've gotten to see level 30 of NES Tetris. Cool!

    Is that cart in the first video modded to allow scores over 999,999? How does one go about doing that?

    Always great to see one more person take on the gauntlet that is TGM3 Master Mode and conquer it. Still dreading what TGM4 has in store for us.

    You should probably mention that two of the TGM1 records up there are thanks to a brand new strategy being discovered after ~19 years, if I'm understanding correctly. There's also this proof of concept video by KevinDDR of applying the TAS strategy in real time, which could lead to even more new records if it could be extended all the way.
  3. [​IMG]
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  4. 3. Thor Aackerlund, Jani, and Koryan.
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  5. Is there a video of Jani? I can only find Thor and Koryan.
  6. The video in the OP is Jani's Maxout + Level 30, achieved about a week ago.

    This is Jani's original Level 30.

    Doesn't help that he named his channel differently from his real name.

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