Carnival of Derp 2018

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  1. The Carnival is back in town! And with it comes the sideshow, the Carnival of Derp.

    The rules are simple. Play T.A. Death on any engine that supports it, using any ruleset except for Classic ARS (Classic ARS goes on the main Death thread). The highest scores achieved by all players will be added up and make this year's Derp Toll.

    However, due to some shenanigans last year, I will need to put some basic specifications on what "any ruleset" means. Your ruleset must:
    • Use a playing grid 10 cells wide, 20 cells high.
    • Have a balanced randomizer.
    • Respect all the delays in the Death game mode. (i.e. no ARE-cancelling)
    • Keep the tetromino a tetromino (4 blocks joined by edges) when rotated.
    Other than that, have fun!


    Derp Toll: 12460
    Herp Toll: 6562

    Rank | Player         | Game/Engine and Ruleset       | Level | Time
      1  | Oshisaure      | Nullpo, Shell Protection On R |  999  | 0:22.70
      2  | FreakyByte     | TAP MAME, Copy Field          |  999  | 3:12.40
      3  | Sinewave       | Nullpomino, Monomino          |  999  | 4:07.80
      4  | Oshisaure      | Nullpo, Autopilot I-morphism  |  999  | 5:27.58
      5  | TPM2209        | Nullpomino, Standard-EXP      |  999  | 5:31.28
      6  | Oshisaure      | Heboris, ACE-SRS              |  999  | 6:43.43
      7  | Mycophobia     | Heboris, ACE-ARS2             |  964  | ?:??.??
      8  | TPM2209        | Cambridge, SRS                |  692  | 4:54.90
      9  | Oshisaure      | Heboris, Ti-ARS               |  560  | 3:41.73
     10  | Oshisaure      | Nullpomino, B.O.N.K.E.R.S.    |  500  | 3:43.41
     11  | FerSave        | Nullpomino, Standard-EXP      |  500  | 3:51.31
     12  | Oshisaure      | Texmaster, World Rule         |  500  | 4:15.73
     13  | PiePusher11    | Texmaster, World Rule         |  500  | 4:20.31
     14  | Oshisaure      | Nullpomino, Shirase           |  414  | 4:35.80
     15  | FerSave        | Nullpomino, Shirase           |  371  | 4:06.31
     16  | Omio9999       | Nullpomino, Classic3          |  332  | 2:57.46
     17  | FerSave        | Nullpomino, Nintendo-R        |  304  | 2:46.21
     18  | shoryusatsu999 | Heboris, DS-WORLD             |  270  | 4:36.15
     19  | shoryusatsu999 | Heboris, SRS-X                |  240  | 4:16.33
     20  | shoryusatsu999 | Heboris, Ti-World             |  178  | 3:09.20
     21  | FerSave        | Nullpomino, Super Tetris 3    |  141  | 1:35.73
    Only one entry per combination of player+ruleset.

    The Derp Toll is the sum of the levels of all entries, while the Herp Toll is the sum of the best entries of each player only, regardless of ruleset.

    Past Carnivals of Derp:

    Year Derp Toll Herp Toll
    2017 5072 3131
    2016 1998 1998
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  2. Turns out I suck at one preview, even when it's SRS.
  3. Nes Death, for your pleasure. 304 NES DEATH COD 2018 2_55 AM 26_3_18.png
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  4. How
  5. "Last year" you say? [​IMG]

    Game: Tetris: The Absolute - The Grand Master 2 PLUS
    Ruleset: "Copy-P1-Field-to-P2"

    Level 999 in 3:12:40

    Or if you're lazy and don't want to play Master on player 1 and spam down on player 2 at the same time, just bind both sides' controls to the same buttons and do this:

    Game: Tetris: The Absolute - The Grand Master 2 PLUS
    Ruleset: "Copy-P1-Field-to-P2 + OutOfBounds"

    Level 999 in 3:10:16

    And the last one for now: Doesn't really add to the toll, but @Sinewave called it the "No Rotation System World Record", so I might as well add it.

    Game: Tetris: The Absolute - The Grand Master 2 PLUS
    Ruleset: "Credits Warp"

    Level 0 in 0:00:00
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  6. Here's my submission for this. Before you say anything, watch and then read onwards.

    So, what you just saw was a Big mode Monomino Death mode clear.
    Okay, now you'll very likely think that this is against the rules and that's there you're wrong kiddo
    Here's the deal with the rules, which are as follows:
    " - Use a playing grid 10 cells wide, 20 cells high.
    - Have a balanced randomizer.
    - Respect all the delays in the Death game mode. (i.e. no ARE-cancelling)
    - Keep the tetromino a tetromino (4 blocks joined by edges) when rotated."

    I won't have to address points 1 and 3, those are very obviously kept in place. However, 2 and 4 might seem debatable for you!
    Rule 2: "Have a balanced randomizer". Since I am using Monominos, there is only one possible piece that can spawn and therefore, the piece randomizer is balanced.
    Rule 4 is probably the by far most controversial to defeat here: "Keep the tetromino a tetromino (4 blocks joined by edges) when rotated."
    I want you to carefully reread it.
    "Keep the Tetromino a tetromino when rotated."
    It doesn't mention anything about pieces in other shapes. This means that if you were batshit crazy, you could mod Super302RS to have Pentaminoes and just use that as it circumvents the loophole, seeing how a Pentomino is not affected by a rule about Tetrominoes. Same thing for Monominoes, which are, in case you havent deduced it yourself yet, pieces with one single mino, which means they're a small version of an O-piece. The rule also doesn't touch on what kinds of pieces are allowed to spawn in the first place, so it's totally fine for Monominos, Duominos, Triminos, Pentaminos or even Hexaminos to spawn (if you have the balls to play with them, let alone make a rotation system for them)

    Now, going into big mode (Yes, in the video, it was in big mode. Those weren't just O-pieces.) , we essentially have O-pieces to play with again which makes things pretty easy for me and also the piece technically still is a monomino.

    Also what I did for this special rotation system is that I fiddled around with offsets and I can play the game by holding down left and random rotation keys however I feel like it. No IRS means the pieces alternate between columns 4 and 5, clockwise IRS puts it into column 1 and counterclockwise IRS alternates between columns 2 and 3.

    I dub this the "Only Rotations System", completely contrary to "No Rotation System" which is what we had last year, as all inputs that are needed are just left held down and then IRSing however I feel like.

    Shoutouts to #misdrop in the Tetris Chatroom discord which more or less helped me think of this idea.

    ...i swear if this gets even weirder we might as well call this the "annual tetris demoscene competition"
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  7. Holy shit freaky's the real mvp here
    But hold on I got ideas
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  8. Since TPM said that due to Big mode, the playfield would no longer be 20x10 but rather 10x5, I redid the thing but without big mode. No video because let's be honest, no one would want to watch that a second time. Here's a screenshot tho:

    We also agreed on the Big Mode run being accepted for novelty reasons only (levels will NOT count from it) - the real accepted run will be this one and its levels will count, under the category "NullpoMino/No Effort Rotation System", as a successor to NRS with (almost) no effort needed in gameplay.
  9. i found out how to remove the are cancel so here it is.
    Rule: ST3
    Death ST3 141 PB 27_3_18 9_27 AM.png
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  10. 500 SRS-X SRS-X 500 second try! 27_3_18 9_36 AM.png
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  11. Texmaster World Rule - 500. Never again.

    Do I get bonus points for ending at 4:20?
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  12. ShiraseRS Death.png
  13. [​IMG]
    Using TGM3 rotation ruleset.
  14. I got 964 on Heboris Devil-Minus with ACE-ARS2 with an 8-way restrictor because the one I had set to 4-way broke after my last death PB lol. I don't feel like doing better so there.
  15. Hi, i'm late but whatever. I have a bunch of things to post here, I'll go from less meme to more meme.

    Heboris (Ti-ARS): Lv. 560

    Heboris (ACE-SRS): Lv 1000 (999?)

    Texmaster (World Rule): Lv 500

    NullpoMino (Shirase R.S.): Lv 414

    NullpoMino (B.O.N.K.E.R.S.): Lv. 500

    NullpoMino (Autopilot I-Morphism Rotation System): Lv 999

    This video has a version with ARE cancel. I'm sure you can imagine how it is without, but just in case, here's a screenshot of a 5'27"58 with no cancel:

    NullpoMino (Shell Protection On Rotation System): Lv 999

    The rules say nothing about altering the playfield while the current piece stays a Tetromino so shrug.

    I'll edit the post with the videos for the two Heboris runs when they're uploaded. But it's 4am right now and the thing closes in 2 hours so I just wanted to slide my things in.

    EDIT: Videos are up now yay
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  16. Hello! Short time lurker, first time poster, blahblahblah. Anyway, here are my entries. They're all in Heboris UE (the C++ versions, to be specific).

    First, DS-WORLD :

    Next, SRS-X:

    And finally, Ti-WORLD, which I just finished up:
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  17. And with that, this year's Carnival of Derp is over.

    Final Derp Toll: 12460
    Final Herp Toll: 6562

    We blasted through our Derp Toll goal of 10,000 (thanks mostly to Oshisaure!), and had 21 unique submissions from 9 players, by far the most ever!

    I look forward to seeing what new even more twisted methods you use to cheese your way around the Death restrictions next year. Let's aim for 15,000 in 2019!
  18. No problem. Looking forward to let the rules give me ideas on how to break the game even further.

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