Carnival of Derp — Death for Non-TAP ARS rotation systems

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  1. Since I just got in on this, I suggest having a second, alternative Carnival of Death alongside the first one for those of us noobs who can't do it properly, in which any rotation system except for TAP ARS is allowed (because TAP ARS would go onto the regular Carnival of Death).

    The rules are just as simple as the Carnival of Death — play Death mode on the simulator of your choice, and use any rotation system other than TAP ARS. As long as it has a balanced randomizer, it's fair game.

    I kind of want to see just how much easier it is to clear Death mode in other rotation systems than in ARS, and also how fast people here can go if they're playing on a system where they can actually get up to 999.

    Since a bunch of people actually play ARS-only, I've also put up a scoreboard for people who want to play with TGM3 ARS, which isn't as much easier as SRS is, but still has a lot of things like 3 piece preview, hold, and floorkicks that make it easier to play in 20G.

    Ti-ARS DERP TOLL: 999

    Rank| Player                |Level| Time
    1   | MaryHadALittle        | 999 | 4:47.08
    SRS DERP TOLL: 999

    Rank| Player                |Level| Time     | Rotation System
    1   | TPM2209               | 999 | 5:03.55  | Standard-EXP

    Good luck!
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  2. [​IMG]

    999 @ 4:47:08 using TI-ARS

    I played in fierceblock because Nullpomino has a lot of input lag for ARS in 20G. It was the only clone I had on me where I could relatively easily change some rule settings. I pretty much just copy-and-pasted from the death mode file:

    local M = {
       name = 'Death (Ti)',
       folder = 'attack',
       inherit = 'ti',
       hold = true,
       initialhold = true,
       previews = 3,
       creditstime = 33.033,
       lockprotect = 0,
    M.gravity = {
       {0, math.huge},
    M.params = {
       -- L  ED LED  IR  LD  LC
       {  0, 16, 12, 10, 30, 12},
       {100, 12,  6, 10, 26,  6},
       {200, 12,  6,  9, 22,  6},
       {300,  6,  6,  8, 18,  6},
       {400,  5,  5,  6, 15,  5},
       {500,  4,  4,  6, 15,  4},
    M.scoring = newclass(require('modes/tap').scoring)
    function M.scoring:getsidebar()
       return {
    function M.scoring:cmpdata(a, b)
       if a.level ~= b.level then
          return a.level > b.level
       return a.time < b.time
    function M.scoring:strdata(d)
       -- FIXME use time to reach level instead of ending time
       return {tostring(d.level), formattime(d.time)}
    return M
    Keep in mind that most of the TGM players here primarily play with ARS and, even with TI floorkicks, hold, and 3 previews, you're still asking people to play at least 500 levels of shirase 300! Getting 999 still ain't that easy.
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  3. I guess not. But it is still easier than regular Death mode, I'd think. I just tried playing with Ti-ARS and I got level 399 on my first try.

    I'll keep two separate scoreboards — one for Ti-ARS, and one for all the different variants of SRS.


    Edit: To keep the first post clean, I'm going to post my 5:03.55 here instead.

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  4. It's maybe a bit late, but can i join in the 4-cell-width category just for fun?

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