Demon Mode Backstory [FULL]

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  1. I posted this initially on the discord but i know people tend to ignore the previous messages so i'm reposting but also adding the final stuff.

    How you start:
    You are a random guy lost in the forest, which fate can take 2 directions:
    1) (Torikan broken) You get trapped and enslaved by demons.
    2) (Torikan missed) You safely exit the forest.

    Once you get trapped by the demons you get enslaved and sent into the lowest level of the slaves in order to do mining or other job of the same style, in order to progress and make your way out of being a slave you have to work hard until you get promoted as a citizen of hell (which as you guessed, are demons, since you are NOT a demon, i called it Xenodemon, which means stranger, foreigner demon).
    As a Xenodemon you gained your freedom but you can still acquire more power, by gaining strength, you seek for revenge with those who enslaved you, so you join and challenge the Warlords, beating them one by one until you face the Masters (which are the bosses of slaves, demon civilians, warlords and Master-M it's the assistant of the Grand Master demon), once you beat the Grand Master demon which rules all the Master demons, you have to face Satan. he's the supreme ruler and the ultimate demon. Since it's an endurance battle (because of credit roll), we assume it's a death battle, to claim yourself as the Ultimate Grand Master of hell.

    The ranks would be as follows:
    1) 0-5 -> Forest, no rank.
    2) S -> Slave A to D or I to IV
    3) X -> Xenodemon A to D or I to IV
    4) W -> Warlord A to D or I to IV
    5) Master -> Master
    6) Grand Master -> Grand Master
    7) Demon Master -> Satan himself

    I posted some ideas of the backgrounds, with the idea being:
    1) The very first section of each transition (forest to Slave, Slave to Xenodemon, Xenodemon to Warlord, etc.)
    showing the entrance of the next section.
    2) The slaves section would look like the harshest section since you are the lowest form of life in hell.
    3) The xenodemon would be the calmest section since you are formerly a civilian.
    4) The warlords would look like a battle in the Colliseum since everyone is fighting constantly for the last one standing in order to get the rank as the thoughest warlord and get the privilege of challenging a Master.
    5) The Masters would look like a round tables styled background where all Masters are gathered to discuss their plans deciding the future of the demons.
    6) Finally the Grand Master section would be facing 2 demons, more precisely the Grand Master demon and Satan himself.

    1) wp3342718.jpg
    2) 70019280-hell-wallpapers.jpg

    This second image is very important.
    Xenodemon section explanation.jpg

    I didn't say it on discord but i got unconscious inspiration from the backgrounds of Shiromino (which section 0 is a forest and section 1200+ looks hellish). I got this whole idea of what could be missing in demon mode that fitted so much for me, i've learned that TAP, TGM3, and Shiromino, fit their aesthetic with sounds and music within the backgrounds and i've felt this lore on demon mode whenever i was playing it, so i decided to make it for real.
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