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  1. Can you comfirm if i'm the first one acchieving Platinum skill please?.

    Thumbnail for pentris skill video.png

    About bugs:
    -If you quit a game and start again too fast the background doesn't load.
    -the 180º rotations are removed?
    -if you go fullscreen while in replays the list appears empty until an input is pressed
    -NO next piece sounds
    -some pentos are too similar in colours and can be confused easily, (such as V with J and T5)
    -when lock delay is decreased and the piece falls a row the piece brightness doesn't reset
  2. FeV


    Thanks for the feedback! No you are not the first to get platinum skill unfortunately :p I have gotten it a couple times while play testing, though I cannot guarantee that I got as many pentrises as you because I have changed the medal requirements many times over the course of beta :)

    I know about the background issue, but I probably won't end up fixing it until the current GUI rewrite is implemented, because by then it will be new background-handling code entirely.

    Not sure what you mean by 180 rotations being removed; note that they are only possible as IRS (buffered rotations when the piece spawns).

    Fullscreen replay list issue: also going to be fixed when the rewrite comes around.

    For pentomino colors, I'm sorry if they are a little difficult for you, and I'll consider making an ultra high-contrast version of their graphics that combines patterns (like Game Boy tetris) and colors to make them easier to see. But I think if your eyesight is typical and you haven't been playing very long, just getting more practice will make you better at distinguishing them (I had similar problems when testing the earliest versions of this mode, but they were gone after enough practice, even though the colors were less differentiated than they are now).

    As for the piece brightness thing, that's very astute of you to notice... I'll look into fixing it right now :)
  3. i found something, go to 2:00
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  4. FeV


    Released beta3-pre2 :p I'm sorry for the weird timing, things went in an unexpected direction for me IRL. Hopefully can get back on track with development soon.
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  5. Fourth platinum skill and current lowest level record at level 234.
  6. I found something that i didn't notice all this time.

    For some reason, the controls are set in world rule style, if you set your controls like me (z, x, c), then you have (ccw, cw, ccw), and i noticed today only because when i tried tgm3, i felt the controls unnatural, and this is why.

    This gif will explain better.

    edit: my bad, i should have rechecked before saying anything.
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  7. Uh, what? CCW CW CCW is how all TFM games are except World.
  8. Finally downloaded and had a try at some invis play. Getting frustrated at immediately losing what's happening in the M roll in TAP, so I decided why not, it's worth a shot. Now, I can't find the actual numbers for the speed of the M roll, are they the default in multi-editor, or something different?

    But outside of that, it's been a nice experience to use! It feels good, it's very clean, and I have had long droughts of I pieces :)
  9. FeV


    Thank you for saying so :) The M roll speed is not the default. It's the same as master level 900 though.

    As for the current state of development, I feel like it's appropriate for me to tell a little bit more about what's going on in my life that has been getting in the way.
    Basically, I am now on a working diagnosis of schizophrenia, because I definitely have it, and it's been acting up a lot lately. I won't explain much about the disorder other than to say that it can make you too apathetic to get out of bed. I'm on a new medication for it, but I still don't quite feel like myself. I have been making tweaks to the Pentomino C mode, but other than that development has been nonexistent. My hope is that with a bit more support I'll find my groove again.

    Also, my family is in the process of moving, so I'm hoping that can be a positive change to maybe jump-start my motivation. Should be an upgrade in quality of living space, wherever we end up.
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  10. FeV


    In lighter news, I got my first 0-1000 in Pentomino C rev 1.2 :)
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  11. When will the latest version of Shiromino will launch?
  12. "Coming Soon"
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  13. Will the next release include the NES rule by any chance?
    (If yes, please include tweakable DAS and ARR)
  14. FeV


    Unlikely, but I won't rule it out.
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