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Thread in 'Research & Development' started by FeV, 16 Apr 2017.

  1. @FeV i tried to swap hands/left-right hands the other day, meaning i tried to move pieces with WASD and to rotate them with the arrow-keys and there's some errors. It seems that they are kind of hard coded to arrow keys moving up/down or something related?

    No pressure, just wanted to let you know. Just try it yourself and you'll see.
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  2. Hey here's my main feature request, which i think would be so useful:

    Integrate a function that lets me delete (or archive in extra folder for bonus points) bad replays. You're parsing the whole folder anyway, so having a "Crop to 10 best replays per mode" would be a cool and handy feature.
    Replays that were started from >Level 0 should probably count as a single mode in that case.
    So after execution the function i'd be left with:
    * Top 10 of G1 Master (started at 0)
    * Top 10 of G1 Master (started at 100)
    .... etc etc...

    Just a thought :)
    Regards and happy christmas time!
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  3. FeV


    Thank you for the suggestion, yeah something like that should be implemented, I agree. Managing the replays at the moment is really annoying. I just rename my old replay directories when they get too big and start a new one.

    Re: updates: I'm sad because I have done nothing. Sad coder. It's normal for me to work in extremely productive bursts and then lose interest for months, so this isn't unexpected for me, but one of these days I'll see if I can force myself back into it.
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  4. That's great to hear! But keep in mind that it's functional already so there's no pressure. I'm saying that because I'm much more creative without pressure. Enjoy yourself and if you enjoy coding this, better for us :p
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  5. FeV


    Hi, still not dead. I guess I should post an update about what's going on with this.

    Basically, I lost motivation for game development from September last year until finally exploding back into it at the beginning of March this year. I spent about two weeks using every bit of time I had teaching myself java and hacking on an old version of Minecraft since it was easy and fun to add things and mess around.

    I've successfully moved that momentum to Shiromino, sort of, because the plan now is for me to learn C++ and do a huge refactoring job while moving Shiromino away from straight C. I will try to get it to version 1.0 by the end of the year if I can, but since my life is so random that's down to when and how I find interest in it. Because if I consistently worked as hard as I have been for the past month it would be done in 40 days, hah. We'll see how it goes.
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  6. FeV


    Another small update: I've finished converting it all to C++ and everything compiles fine. Cleaned up the code formatting too, finally.

    We've also got a new replay system in place now thanks to @MaryHadALittle :) it uses SQLite instead of the filesystem, so there's a lot more flexibility to add features on that front now. Obviously it's not backwards compatible though. The other big development so far is a new SDL-based GUI library of sorts that I'm writing alongside (and for) Shiromino, called SGUIL (Simple GUI Layer). I'm designing it to be somewhat general-purpose, and I'll eventually make it its own thing, but right now the plan is to just get the essentials of it in place before implementing it in the game.

    Once I've put together the new menu system I'll do a couple of small fixes and release beta3. Unfortunately it's not going to be a featureful update, nor will be beta4 I imagine, but the progress has been very quick so I'm happy with how things are going. Maybe expect beta3 sometime in May.
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  7. FeV


    Added link to a feature request form! You can find it either in the first post or right here: click me
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