Records: [NES PAL] A-Type

Thread in 'Competition' started by Kitaru, 10 Mar 2014.

  1. Name: Eris
    Location: Switzerland
    Score: 619'740 Points (194 Lines, Level 09-19)
    Date: 23rd of June 2019
    Hardware: Original With CRT
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  2. Name: Eris
    Location: Switzerland
    Score: 623'400 Points (136 Lines, Level 18-19)
    Date: 1st of July 2019
    Hardware: Original With CRT
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  3. @Eris: that triple hurts, huh…? ;)

    Very good game — congratulations.
  4. If the bar comes somewhat timely, it's possible after the triple to clear one more cheap line for Level 20 and 630240 points final score. But it's okay. Thank you, Furious Programming. :)
  5. Name: Eris
    Location: Switzerland
    Score: 659'080 Points (192 Lines, Level 09-19)
    Date: 11th of July 2019
    Hardware: NES + Controller + CRT

    Choked Tame's German language record by a single line. :( Perfectly setup for Tetris into killscreen and for 678k at 187 lines with 654k score, then misdropped an easy piece. :(
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  6. Keep your nerves in check and do not get excited about the result during playing. It is best not to look at the points counter at all — just check the number of lines, so that the transition does not surprise you. You had the opportunity to overcome the 700k barrier, but you talked and ruined everything…

    So don't talk too much — just play as best as you can. I am waiting for next records. ;)
  7. I had the lines number in mind, so I knew when transition would hit. I simply preloaded an S-piece which made it almost impossible to score a double to 189 lines and a Tetris to 193 lines for 680k final score. 704k would only have been possible with an immediate follow-up Tetris and a timely long bar on the killscreen. I always talk during play, so I don't get distracted by it. It was just one small mistake, the rest was pretty fine. ^^
  8. God damn it! I had the chance to break the 700k barrier from 18 level and the D-Pad jammed...

    This chinese #%@#* controller is killing me! :(

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  9. Got to 125 lines starting from level 18


    sry for big pic

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