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  1. I'd like to request that I am moved up the leaderboard please, after achieving a new pb of 518690. Started on level 9.
    I play on an original PAL nes with original controller.
    I wish I'd have filmed it! I did record a bit after it was done, starting a new game just in case any evidence is needed I'm on the PAL speeds.
    When I reached level 19 I got about 5 or 6 lines, can't quite remember. But previously I've only got a pb of 4 lines on level 19 start so I felt really lucky. My previous pb is shown in the picture and was weeks ago so absolutely amazed myself I skipped out the 400k's which was all I'd been aiming for! Feel like I can never top this pb now. I don't know if it was coincidence but i tried playing level 19 starts for about an hour and then went to level 9 and did that straight off the bat. Makes me think training at the highest speed possible really increases your ability to make faster decisions (at least temporarily)...

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  2. Name: furious programming
    Location: Tuchów (Poland)
    Score: 606.243 points (level 18 start, 134 lines, level 19 finish)
    Date: 09.04.2019
    Hardware: FCEUX 2.2.3 (emulator) + Data Frog NES controller

    I took a break from programming, just for a moment to relax with Tetris and boom! — an unexpectedly new personal record! Unfortunately for me (I am a DAS player), the kill screen is extremely difficult, so only two single lines I managed to do on level 19 (transition to 19 level by tetris with 128 lines).

    I have been playing the PAL version for a few days, because training level 19 in the NTSC version is not going well. I treat level 18 of the European version as a training aid.

    I attach a screen snapshot of my best game and a snapshot of the game menu, with my three best results. I know that screen snapshots are not enough, but I just turned on the emulator for a while and did not think it would go that well… ;)

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  3. Congrats! What is your emulator setup? I've not found anything without serious controller lag noticeable at higher speeds so sticking to the real thing for now. But it's harder to record a crt tv
  4. The emulator window has a small size (as seen in the screen snapshot in the previous post), because I'm sitting close to the laptop and playing on a full screen would be uncomfortable. When it comes to video settings, see the attachment (ignore the left column of the settings, because I play only in windowed mode).

    In addition, just after running the emulator, I open the Windows Task Manager window and set a high priority for the fceux.exe process. Thanks to this, the emulator always runs smoothly.

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  5. Muf


    You would be seriously uncomfortable playing on a 29" CRT, huh. :D
  6. Probably yes, but if I were to play on such a large TV, I would just sit far away from it. ;)

    But if I play on a small window, then this fact can be used. I could use my programming skills and write a program that would be stretched to the full screen (as a black background), would have an emulator window embedded in the background window, and which would be covered by another window (black too) with irregular shape, that can cover everything except the playfield.

    Thanks to this, I could play on a standard emulator, but with a much cooler look (as on CTWC) and carry out additional statistics (including TRT, BRN and several others, and for example the NES controller to show which buttons are pressed). All counters and statistics can be drawn on any place on the screen.

    It is not too difficult to do (I know exactly how to do it), but for now I do not have time for it. Maybe in a few weeks I will find time and devote a few days to do something like that.
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  7. Is it possible to play on FCEUX without terrible input lag? I don't usually use emulators for anything outside of debugging/hacking stuff, but I've found that almost other NES emulators (at least Nestopia or Mesen) are better for playing the games.

    NAC lyfe
  8. Small explanation, there are no input lags on the PC — the operation of input devices (such as controllers) is immediate. On an unloaded system, lags only apply to displaying the image on the screen (of course if the emulator settings are inappropriate). Lags can be avoided, but many factors influence it, from the environment (operationg system) to the emulator settings. I do not have any visible lags myself, so it can be done.

    First of all, turn off all other programs that significantly eat the CPU power. Second, the emulator process priority should be set to high, so that the processor will "more willingly" perform the emulator instructions, instead of other processes.

    As for the emulator settings, hardware acceleration should be enabled — thanks to this, frames generation will take care of the GPU, not the CPU, which can not do it efficiently. All vertical synchronization (known as VSync or VBlank) settings should be turned off. All because synchronization causes the frame images to be displayed with a small delays (the delay results from the fact that the current frame will be displayed only when the previous one was displayed on the screen in full). In some cases, VSync turned on makes the emulator completely unplayable.

    Playing on full-screen in video mode at low resolution can also improve efficiency. However, in order for the screen image to not be stretched, the best fit option must be enabled (if the emulator has one, FCEUX has).
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  9. Name: Eris
    Score PB: 601600 (Level 18-19)
    Lines PB: 199 Lines (Level 09-19)
    Date: April 17th, 2019
    Used: Original Hardware (CRT)
    Country: Switzerland
    Video (Score):

    Video (Lines):
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  10. Name: AdamMts02
    Score: 615240, level 9 start (by missclicked level 19 start), 193 lines
    Date: May 8th, 2019
    Hardware: Original NES PAL console and controller with CRT
    Country: Poland

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  11. [​IMG]
    Managed to break 500K despite messing up really hard on Lv16 and having to burn pretty much all the way until 19. :|
    173 Lines, Lv11 start.
  12. -JJ


    Hey hey heyy, I finally got a 600k+ score on video - took a little longer while than expected (actually almost 2 years…) :)
    But here it is (with copy-pasted format from AdamMts above):

    Name: -JJ
    Twitch: terhoa
    Score: 652700, lvl 9 start
    Date: May 11th, 2019
    Hardware: Original NES PAL console and controller with Sony Trinitron CRT + GV-USB2 capture
    Country: Finland
  13. Hi guys,
    I improved my score last month.
    466630@Level 12 start ; PAL NES & CRTTV.
    Thanks for the work you do here.
    Te O Nobashite (JeC)
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  14. Not long after breaking 500k on PAL, we get 570k! :D

    172 Lines.
    Level 11 Start.
  15. jpg


    Nice game, Archina! What is your setup for recording? I am playing on an original NES and on a CRT tv and would like to start recording my games, but I have very little technical knowledge.

    Here's my new personal PB
    519,871 (level 11 start, cannot remember the number of lines)

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  16. My setup is extremely overkill for regular NES recording as I have an RGB-modded NES (higher quality video output) and a capture card that can take said RGB signal and tweak it until it looks perfect. For a normal NES, I'd say just pick up a capture card such as the GV-USB2, a couple RCA splitters and a 2-3xRCA cable that'd be long enough to go from your TV to your PC. That way you can play the game on your CRT whilst also recording/streaming gameplay on your PC.
  17. jpg


    Thanks for the tips! I'll be setting up soon :)
  18. Hey guys :) grats on the nice scores. I got a pretty decent PAL 15 start 560445 - woot!
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  19. Name: Mark
    Score: 519471, Level 18 start, 129 lines
    Date: 20th of June, 2019
    Hardware: Original NES Pal console and controller
    Country: Germany

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  20. Hi, I'd like to join the club.

    Score: 515354
    Level 11 start
    Played on original NES PAL hardware with standard controllers.


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