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Thread in 'Competition' started by Kitaru, 10 Mar 2014.

  1. figured i should maybe post here

    i've been playing PAL for about 3 months now so I like to think i'm doing well with score progression. either way i'll make sure to record future runs from here on out lol

    played with original nes pad on mesen. hopefully it's fine that i played with TRT rate on screen, i want to push myself to play more aggressively with it

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  2. @Sinewave: are you using a special ROM or is TRT the result of scripting?
  3. it's a patch i downloaded from jonas' discord. there's a plethora of patches there but the only one i personally wanted was the TRT one. i'm sure you can do it with scripting too but i'm not sure if you can make it look as good as it does on the patched ROM
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  4. Hi, just getting into this! I'm playing on Nestopia with a cheap USB NES controller.
    Here's my PB so far...
    Name: Andre N
    Score: 426840
    Level: 19+2.00 (am I correct in thinking this means 2 lines past the transition?)
    Comment: EMU (15)
    Here's a video

    Hopefully I can improve further!

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