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Thread in 'Competition' started by Kitaru, 24 Feb 2012.

  1. Got a new personal best while training for CTWC coming up soon.
    lines: 233

    started level 18
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  3. Name: Eris
    Score: 916'980 (18-29, 231 Lines)
    Date: Oct 12th, 2019
    Hardware: NES + CRT + Controller
    Country: Switzerland
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  4. Cool. Thanks for the info.
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  5. Hey guys!

    I don't know if laptop/online emulator is allowed, but I just got a PB of 504,008 on one, so I thought I'd submit it here.

    Name: Eddie
    Score: 504,008 (started on level 15)
    Date: Oct 23, 2019
    Hardware: MacBook Air
    Country: USA

    I have screenshots and a photo of my screen if that kind of verification is required.
  6. How about an all-time Top Ten? Something like:

    1. TylerP - 1.298
    2. PMYA - 1.281
    3. Harry - 1.275
    4. Koryan - 1.273
    5. Koryan - 1.257
    6. JD - 1.255
    7. Jonas - 1.245
    8. Koryan - 1.244
    9. Berenyi - 1.239
    10. Berenyi - 1.230

    PS As I was checking on this I noticed that Koryan posted 25+0.63 as his earliest maxout, which puts him above JD in Kitaru's list (video here).

  7. Richard beat JD's 1.2, by around 70 or so points.
  8. @Classic Tetris WRs, @PMYA and @Adonis Mouse: please, create a separate thread dedicated to discussing world records above a million points, because it's getting a little messy here. This thread should only contain player entries so that we can view them conveniently. ;)
  9. Done. I put a list of various World Records here, and also what may or may not be the Top 20 recorded NTSC scores of all time. Thanks for your input. :)
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  10. Name: S1ft
    Location: England
    Score: 342533 points (level 15 start, 98 lines, level 15 end)
    Date: 30.10.2019
    Hardware: Retroarch 1.7.5, Nestopia core (emulator) + 8bitdo NES controller
  11. sorry I don't know how to calculate the line thing hydrantdude helped me calculate the score tho
    Name: NerDzzzzz
    Country: Hong Kong
    Score: 1,020,934 (lv 18 start, lv 28 max)
    Date: 2019-10-29
    Hardware: NES, controller, LCD monitor
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  12. New PB - 885,477
    Got to level 29 with no lines so guessing 230 on lines

    I have a question for any reading this. What are the score benchmarks you want to be hitting in order to be on max out pace? In this game I transitioned at about 600k and played it real safe until I got to level 25 and saw I had a good chance to beat my personal best then I turned it on. Obviously burned too many lines 19-25. But I am curious where you want to be on transition and where you want to be at say level 25 etc. thanks!

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  13. 560-600 transition is what you want for first max probably. On 25 you ideally want something close to 800, but it is possible to max with a very low 700 going into 25.
  14. What qualifies as an emulator? I play on nullpomino retro marathon type A using a keyboard. Is a score from that allowed?
  15. Does the leaderboard still updates lmao just asking

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