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Thread in 'Competition' started by Kitaru, 24 Feb 2012.

  1. Great set of max-out's AaronC. Congrats!!!
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  2. Thanks Jake! Nice to take a break from the level 19 start stuff.
  3. Nerves still getting to me, but I eeked out another max today. My 19 speed play (or luck) seems to be getting better, lowest transition I have maxed from thus far.

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  4. Had a good game going early, 800k on level 23 (178 lines), but the rng wasn't cooperating towards the end (or I wasn't placing the pieces very well), so I took the safe route at the end to ensure getting the max. Oh well, I will still take it, lol.

  5. It took almost 3 years to go from 734k to 826k. I've been joking for the past year that I was going to skip 800k altogether, and just max the damn thing.

    I transitioned somewhere around 600k, probably could have put up a much higher score if I didn't play so conservatively on 19+ (especially considering my stack was clean the whole run).

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  6. I don't know why I even play this game >:(:'(:'(>:(. I am sure everyone has had their share of frustrating Tetris moments, but this ranks at the top for me.

  7. Happy Thanksgiving to everyone.

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  8. LOL. Stop playing level 18 and max 19 already! this board would be crammed with useless posts if we always posted 18 maxes. the first one matters... then the only thing you should be doing is playing 19! git r dun!
  9. Haha, it's a long road to your first level 19 max, so I mix it up. I would say right now I spend about 80% of my game time on level 19 start.
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  10. So I literally just started trying NESTris for score yesterday, on level 18.

    Today, I put this together.


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  11. FeV


    Sigh. Why couldn't this have been 500k (or at least 4 points higher for coolness)? The ending was a bunch of misdrops, but otherwise this was pretty clean. Started on level 9, died immediately at level 19 (high stack anyway). Played on NES + rectangle.
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  12. Just got a new PB, lvl18 NES! 633k, movin' on up... Sorry for the bad pics, my phone doesn't want to focus on a CRT :( I am working on a way to do video.

    20170122_155556.jpg 20170122_155549.jpg
  13. upload_2017-2-17_18-54-16.png
    lv 9 start
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  14. Kitaru told me to post this here, so here is my PB.
    Level 11 start, emulated on PSP using NesterJ.
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  15. Gin


    I finally broke 800k, so I'm posting my new PB on here.

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  16. nice one Gin!!! good to see you on here!!!
  17. Well done! I was wondering if you'd show up eventually! Hope you can make it again this year.
  18. Gin


    Thanks, guys!
  19. Got a maxout on video!! level 28 and 8 lines. played scrappy and only burned lines from levels 23 to 26. you can hear me tell myself "stop burning lines" in level 26. i was sitting on 800K for a while and told myself i need to do something and finish this!!! i don't think i had to do any t spins or other tricks...had a tap in level 23, but that's about it. just clearing lines and getting it done!!


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