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  1. Ohhhh shiiiiiieeeeettttt :D

    By the way, what are the plans regarding accomodation? I know a few people are already looking to get to the flats like two years ago. Is it still possible to book for one?
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    See my earlier post:
    So who's planning to come? Right now I only know for certain about @Qlex, @Tomek, @K, @TGGC and @Rosti LFC. Would be nice to get an idea of how crowded it'll be.
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  3. I totally forgot to mention this before, I can bring my PS1 with Card Captor Sakura Tetris.
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    Do you have an RGB SCART cable for it? I have three SCART distro amps (well two are in the mail from Kevin right now) so we should be good.

    Also it's likely I'll have a second "NDI whore" PC that I can hook up any capture devices to that people bring by. So if you have free luggage space for a VisionRGB-E1 or a PEXHDCAP be sure to bring it.
  5. I don't have any capture card for the moment. (I plan some day to buy a VisionRGB-E1, but haven't looked for it yet)

    Yes I do have an RGB Scart cable for the PS1.
    If you don't have enough RGB capture cards, it's always possible to capture the crappy composite output, as I have the SCPH-1160 which gives you RGB and Composite on separate connectors. (it was an accessory for lightgun users)
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  7. Ok, lets fix that, *I don't have any kind capture cards.
    (I don't really have the need for that at the moment, as I can't stream with my crappy internet anyway).
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  8. I'm interested, who else wants to have the flat ?
  9. Just realised the last I left this on was "probably coming" (which, in my defence, was all the way back in March), but assuming it's the weekend of 16/17th Sept then I can't come because I'm in Denmark :\
  10. Muf


    But you promised to be my stream sidekick :'(
  11. I did, but that was also on the condition that I'd be there because I figured I ain't played Tetris in ages so if I was gonna be shit at Tetris might as well be shit at stream sidekick instead D:

    That weekend is the last chance to get a practice mahjong tournament in before the world championships without flying all the way to eastern Ukraine, so I've already booked all the stuff in Denmark :(
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  12. I'm also interested.
  13. I'll be there as well of couse!
    But most likely only Saturday and Sunday, since I start my job next week and from what I hear the first month is immediately crazy busy.

    Either way, looking forward to it!
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  14. Muf


    Updated the first post!

    Also @Burbruee could you let us know if you want to make use of the shared room? Details are in the OP.
  15. Yeah I'll come all days. And I would be interested in sharing a room with at least one other person ( @Qlex ?)

    If for whatever reason you should require more equipment, here's a list of what I can bring: (let me know @Muf )

    1x Datapath E1S
    1x Datapath E2S
    1x Keene powered SCART distribution amplifier (1 input to 5 outputs)
    1x NTSC NES console
    1x NTSC NES Tetris
    1x Everdrive N8 (Tengen doubles hype?)
    1x Mega Drive (I have some Tetris bootleg for it..)
    1x NES Controller (standard, not a crapBone)
    1x SNES-style wireless controller (8Bitdo with adapters for both NES/SNES)
    1x High quality RGB SCART cable for NES (NTSC, multiAV out)
    Possibly NT mini if it ships and arrives before the meeting (but probably not since it's supposed to ship in Sept. and it ships from the US) which can switch between both PAL and NTSC NES modes (as well as Gameboy/GBC Tetris things)

    Very important question: Will there be wine in the fridge like two years ago, or only beer?
    And yeah I could volunteer for stream setup stuff when muf needs to sleep since I'm familiar with datapath and things.
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  16. Ok, so the Mainz group will arrive with 2 people on Thursday, and we can bring a Switch and Puyo Puyo Tetris, but not a TV (you can play on the Switch itself, but screen is quite small). Third person, girlfriends and kids will join us Friday evening and they can bring the LCD TV. Other option would be if someone from close by can more easily bring an LCD TV, it just need HDMI input.
  17. Muf


    We can use a 24 inch Medion screen for the Switch until the rest of the group arrives with the TV.
  18. Sounds good to me.
  19. Muf


    @TGGC, what are the (forum) (nick)names of everyone in your party?

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