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  1. Muf


    I just realised this is gonna be only 8 months away, so I want to give you all as much info as I currently have.

    This should be treated as tentatively because I currently don't have any formal confirmation on anything:
    • Event will be in September
    • Event will be at Het Glaspaviljoen again, there was some doubt earlier whether they would close down because the location they are currently occupying will be developed soon, so they have to move. By September though they will have moved so we can hold the event there as long as I can convince the board members (which was easy last time).
    • Event will be streamed, my old stream PC should be up and running again with lots of capture cards and dual W5590 Xeons (as opposed to the paltry X5550 Xeons I used to have)
    • Stream will be 1080p60, we have the technology (and fast internet)
    • Magical Tetris Challenge meme game of 2017?!?????

    Ok bye, will return with more details and confirmation of SOLID FACTS later.
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  3. Muf


    I spoke to Bas today and initially the plan was to move in June, but now maybe it might be moved to after the Dutch Design Week (which is in October), which would mean we'd be able to hold the meeting in September, but at the old location. However they can't guarantee the move won't happen in September so it's a bit too early to pin down a date just yet. There's also the potential issue of high speed internet as it took 18 months last time to get glass fibre installed, and with all this uncertainty (right now there's not even an address or postal code in the registry to order an internet connection at) it'll be difficult to plan ahead. :sowsuser:

    More info soon!
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  4. Muf


    More information GET!!

    Looks like it's 90% certain that Het Glaspaviljoen will move location after October, so we can safely plan for September and it'll be at the old location, meaning fast internet is secured. I will still need approval but I'm going to try planning for 14-17 September. Please let me know if that is an unacceptable date for anyone. I can't guarantee that we can plan around everyone's schedules though, there is only a finite amount of weekends in September. :p

    @TGGC is supplying a 29" Sony Trinitron for the meeting! Super stoked. We might be able to have all three TGMs on 29" monitors this way.

    Also I would like to recruit at least one stream sidekick. I want to go as all-out as possible on the stream, with multiple layouts depending on how many games are being played at once, and I can't always be at the stream PC to keep an eye on it. It would also be nice to have some more Twitch chat interaction. So let me know if you want to help out!

    That's it for now :wub:
  5. I will probably be there (though Becca is basically all out of holiday for the year so won't be). If so I'm happy to be the stream sidekick.
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  6. Don't get to hyped yet! I send you a message when the Sony arrived safely in my basement. ;)
  7. Halleluja, its done! :)
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