Your Tetris pet peeves?

Thread in 'Discussion' started by Ray Ayanami, 18 Jan 2010.

  1. Mine's...
    - Double-locks
    - Having to open up my stick to switch it to 4-way
    - Sucking at playing with a stick
    - Others comparing me to other TGM players ("You'll never be as good as the Japanese" or, for those who know me IRL, the obligatory comparison to Kitaru)
    - Control schemes along the lines of "sideways movement and rotation on one hand and hard dropping on the other"--kinda moot when I can change the controls, but this is why I couldn't stand Blockles when it was multiplayer Tetris.
    - Hearing people bring up Game Boy and NES Tetris when they watch me play TGM
    - No lock delay
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  2. Muf


    One thing. Piece droughts.
  3. QFT

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