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  1. That's more than what I have, which amounts to Tetris DS. And that's it.

    I don't even have the original GB Tetris any more because I lent it to someone.
  2. I lent my first Gameboy with Tetris to someone, and it magically got stolen by his friend, and his friend claimed it got stolen by someone else, and of course I never saw it again. 6 months later I gave up and bought another one, and the only consolation was it was $20 cheaper by then.

    The Nintendo Power issue would have been from 1990 I think (summer?), 1991 at the latest. It was one of those letters at the beginning of the magazine where kids write in with their brag stories on how many NES games they've beaten. It included a picture of him and his Gameboy on the plane. He might have had high scores listed in other issues around then too. Do you still have the Tetris strategy guide that Nintendo Power sent out as a free insert that was like 4 or 8 pages and printed on non-glossy paper in only black/blue ink?
  3. I should have that issue from 1990 or 1991, won't know for awhile.

    I remember that insert too and I'll have to look into if I still have it or not. I kind of remember writing in it, as I think it had some situations for practice that you could like write in the answers for or something. I hope its still around, but I won't really know for a few months, until I get up to Maine next, to my parent's place.
    okay, if you scroll to the bottom of this page, there are some posted scans of the tetris strategy guide from nintendo power Jan/Feb 1990 issue. Apparently it was a Howard-and-Nestor/tetris tie-in.

    Iphys, is this what you remember it as? or was there also a different one matching your earlier description, since this one is in full color and i'm not sure about the paper texture.
  5. Yeah, that's it! Thanks!

    I was probably just remembering that the diagrams were in blue ink -- totally forgot about everything else till I just saw it again.

    I remember those "looks like a cover-up" moves on page 3 totally blew my mind back in the day, heh, heh.
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    there is no J, O, S, or I [​IMG]
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    Sad. QUestion 1b is incorrect.

    THe proper thing to do is.

    1) check piece previews for L,I, and J. Place T so that the next piece fits perfectly.
    2) If no L or J is found then place the t assuming the piece more likely to show first by the current randomizer. but we'll assume memoryless, and go on.
    3) if S or Z is next, place the T so you can clear a double with that piece.
    4) if O is next, place it so an L fits in, then place the o on either far side.

    If you have no preview, then assume L, because the J will be easier to place if it comes first.

    Now if the question specified clearing a line, then the answer would have been almost correct. [​IMG]
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    Is question 3 (page 13) one of the things the Tetris Advance developers used when deciding to expand preview to 6 pieces?
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    Ummm, not much, im new to tetris.

    Tetris (original)
    Tetris DS
    and a tetris button

    sooooo yeah. [​IMG]

    Just starting

    I'm new in this community, and also a collector so:
    tetris(italian spanish g.i.g. version)
    tetris dx(jap)
    tetris dx(eur, only cartridge :( )
    tetris 2(USA)
    tetris Attack( uk version)
    tetris flash(jap)

    tetris( pal, only cart)
    tetris flash(jap)
    tetris 2 + bombliss(jap)

    tetris & dr Mario (pal ita/spa only cart)
    Tetris & dr mario( pal uk)
    tetris attack (pal uk)
    super tetris 2 + bombliss(jap)
    super tetris 3(jap)

    Virtual boy :
    V tetris

    magical tetris challenge starring Mickey(jap)

    tetris ds(eur)
    tetris party deluxe(eur)
    tetris 3D(eur)

    commodore 64
    tetris by mirrorsoft(eur)
    tetris by mastertronics(eur)

    tetris by Mirrorsoft

    tetris by Mirrorsoft

    Zx spectrum
    twin pack: back to the future 2/tetris by Mirrorsoft

    The tetris(jap)
    tetris with cc sakura(jap)
    tetris worlds(eur)

    tetris worlds(eur)

    xbox 360
    tetris TGM ace

    Tomy boardgame tetris advanced territorial strategy (italian version)
    Radica tv game plug&play (the one with the O tetramino as a joystick...terrible...)

    that's all, but it's growing!
  11. Not bad. :) It looks like your collection covers a lot of bases -- several early home computer releases, some of the BPS Super Famicom titles, Arika's home versions, etc..
  12. :) thank you! i'm trying to get everything, it's difficult, long and expensive (see nes tengen, the one for md, earlier version ecc...), so I start from titles i like: nintendo cause it's fun, Arika cause they're near the perfection, and old computers releases cause I love old PCs :D, even if playing tetris on a c64 make me feel tyred as playin with giant solid marble pieces.
    I'll take some photos as soon as possible.

    By the way: is there anyone that can help me compiling a complete(in my dreams it does exist, ok?!?!?) list of all the tetris releases?

    hope my english was not this incorrect,
  13. The TC wiki has a list of games -- not every game article 100% clean and complete (and the wiki in general hasn't been as frequently maintained these days), but has good info on the majority of what is out there.
  14. my last picture:

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  15. Thanks to this thread, I went hunting on Yahoo Auctions Japan. I've got a few more things coming my way:

    JPN SFC - Super Tetris 2 + Bombliss Limited Edition, CIB (600 yen)
    JPN SFC - Super Tetris 3, CIB (600 yen)
    JPN SFC - Tetris Battle Gaiden (598 yen, and was paired with SFC Puyo Puyo 2)
    JPN N64 - Magical Tetris Challenge with Mickey Mouse, CIB (10 yen winning bid, hahaha.)
    JPN PSX - THE Tetris (420 yen, and was paired with PSX Puyo Puyo 2)

    EDIT: My most recent picture, for good measure:
    Not pictured: TGM2+ PCB, TGM2 poster, TGM1 flier, some instruction/art sets, a recent pick-up (N64 The New Tetris)
  16. My collection consists of :

    GB Tetris (play this through my Super Gameboy on the the SNES though)
    Tetris & Dr. Mario (SNES - both PAL and US versions)
    Tetris Battle Gaiden (SNES JPN)
    New Tetris (N64 PAL)
    Tetris Plus (Saturn JPN)
    Tetris S (Saturn JPN)
    Tetris Worlds (PS2 and GC PAL)
    Next Tetris (Dreamcast PAL)
    Tetris Party Deluxe (Wii PAL)
    Sega Tetris (Dreamcast JPN)

    All complete in box apart from GB Tetris. I used to have the NES version but I got rid of my NES collection when I discovered NESTERDC so I can play Nintendo NES Tetris and the Tengen game but I'm not sure what folk here think about playing emulated versions of games like Tetris where timing is so important.
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  17. Proper timing is definitely key for NES Tetris, but not critical for Tengen. I haven't tried DCNESTER, so I can't speak to it's precision in terms of input delay.

    Though, PAL NES is essentially a different game than NTSC NES -- they rebalanced various timings to account for the change from 60hz to 50hz so it retain a similar pace as opposed to feeling like "the slower version." However, the changes to the speed curve make it much shorter -- you reach "kill-screen" speeds a full ten levels earlier in PAL than in NES.
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    Well, I've always loved Tetris but always played it on my phone, iPod, or computer. A few days ago I got Tetris Axis for my 3DS and it's awesome! I prefer the d-pad controls on my 3ds than the keyboard controls, but I just NullPomino and I'm gonna play both that and Axis so I'll have to get used to keyboard controls again. Oh, I also have the original Tetris for the Gameboy as a Virtual Console item on my 3DS, too.
  19. I just picked up Tetris DX and Tetris Blast carts at the used game shop the other day. :) I'll have to assemble the collection for a group shot at some point.
  20. got my hands on a brand new copy of tetris and dr mario :)

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