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  1. What do you all have in your Tetris collections?

    Here's mine:


    Nintendo Tetris
    Tengen Tetris
    Gameboy Tetris
    Tetris Plus (Gameboy)
    Tetris DX
    Magical Tetris Challenge (Gameboy)
    Tetris Worlds (GBA)
    Tetris DS
    Tetris Jr. keychain
    Leafcutter ants playing Tetris T-shirt
    Boy scout patrol patch
    NES-style Tetris magnets
    Not pictured: Tetris (mobile), Tetris Party, Welltris
  2. jujube

    jujube Unregistered

    ooh Tengen Tetris, nice.

    i don't have any pics but here's mine:
    Tetris DS
    Tetris Zone (PC)
    Sega Ages Tetris Collection (PS2)
    Tetris (Mobile)
  3. Your T-shirt is sweet. Mind if I ask you where did you get it ?
  4. GB Tetris
    Tetris DS
    Tetris Splash
    Tetris Party
    Tetris Grand Master 1 (Check it out! See the ghetto rig I've got in all of its glory, haha.)

    Tetris t-shirt (It bothers a little because the colors are all wrong and the stack looks pretty bad. [​IMG])
    Arika t-shirt
    Tetris Cube

    ...and this doesn't really count, but I have a Blokus board. :p
  5. You can get the T-shirts on ebay. Just search for Tetris ants.

    Man, I wish I had TGM.
  6. jujube

    jujube Unregistered

    beautiful [​IMG]
  7. I just got my first GM on hardware. [​IMG] It also happens to be my first GM on stick, haha. [​IMG]

    I think I might start collecting some other Tetris boards now, haha. Sega Tetris would be neat, but really want a Tetris Plus for the nostalgia. :> I remember back in the day when Blockbuster would rent out consoles, I rented out a PlayStation and Tetris Plus. What a charming game, haha. [​IMG]
  8. I'm too lazy to take a new picture so this is slightly obsolete but...

  9. tepples

    tepples Lockjaw developer

    It'd be interesting to compare our collections to what we had two years ago.

    Not ready to take a photo, but I own legit copies of these games licensed by Elorg, TH, or Mirrorsoft:
    Tetris (NES)
    Tetris 2 (NES)
    Tetris & Dr. Mario (Super NES)
    Tetris Blast (GB)
    Tetris Attack (Super NES)
    Tetrisphere (N64)
    The New Tetris (N64)
    Tetris Fliptop by Radica
    Tetris Elements (PC)
    Tetris Party (Wii)

    And over a dozen commercial falling block games other than Tetris, including five other versions of Dr. Mario.

    I used to own these:
    Tetris (GB) which I sold with my Game Boy when I got a GBC
    Tetris (wristwatch)
    Tetris Worlds (GBA) which I sold to GameStop after I got tired of its control lag and made TOD
  10. jujube

    jujube Unregistered

    i also used to have that, but traded it in when Tetris DS was released [​IMG]

    it's gonna be hard to top ct's collection.
  11. I'm kicking myself in the head right now for not taking a picture of that enormous collection of Tetris stuff in the BPS office in Hawaii.
  12. B-BoyMP

    B-BoyMP Unregistered

    My collection is:
    Tetris DX (GBC)
    Tetris DS
    Tetris 1 (NES)
  13. some nice collections here!
    here is mine:

    NES-tengen tetris cart+sleeve+instructions+poster(-box [​IMG] )
    NES-nintendo tetris (x2)
    N64-the new tetris+box
    PS2-tetris worlds
    NDS-tetris DS
    tetris cube puzzle (by
    milton bradley tetris board game
    radica lighted tetris
    radica big screen tetris
    tetrius magnets (x3 sets)
    iceblox ice cube mold (x2)

    not pictured:
    N64-the new tetris cartridge(couldn't find it for the picture)
    XBOX360-tetris evolution
    Nintendo Power magazines:
    July/Aug 1989
    Sept/Oct 1989
    Nov/Dec 1989 (tetris featured on cover)
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  14. Hah, you crazy Tetris addicts! I love you. <3

    I only got...

    Tetris DS (Nintendo DS)
    Tetris Evolution (Xbox 360)
    Tetris Splash (Xbox LIVE Arcade)

    ...but I rarely play them. I mostly play Texmaster, Lockjaw and Blockbox on my computer. My Tetris interest is only a year old, which probably explains why I've got so few retail Tetris games.
  15. Is there anything different about the branded cube? It looks like it has the same number of solutions as the one I've got, but it is colored differently.
  16. yeah, its the same shapes, just a different color, which i happened to like better than the standard one.
  17. Nice collections here. If I lived in Waterloo, I'd be showing up on colour_thief's doorstep.

    I wish I'd kept some of my old Nintendo Power magazines, especially the one where Steve Wozniak wrote in with his 500K Gameboy Tetris score that he achieved flying on the Concorde. I was so young at the time that I didn't even realize Wozniak had any other claim to fame beyond being a Gameboy Tetris god, heh.
  18. m:)

    m:) Unregistered

    some nice collections here. i have no collection at all. a couple of downloaded guideline games and some fan games.

    but ahhh the memories of tetris....
  19. iphys, do you know what issue had the Steve Wozniak article? if its from the early 90's chances are that i have it and could scan it next time i get to my parent's house.

    in this topic i posted some scans of the nov/dec nintendo power issue:

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