Challenge: x360 contest is over. And the winner is...

Thread in 'Competition' started by K, 31 May 2009.

  1. I live right next to Tada. It's sunday here too.


    I played for 3.5 hours and all I could do was this. Fucking hell.
  2. I hope to bring you all some nice ACE videos in due time!

    Good games joe, you definitely made me work hard. I don't know about you, but I've never been as strongly motivated to improve my TGM1 time attack as I was on Sunday. Though only one person takes the prize, I'd like to think that everyone takes some good improvement out of this.
  3. Ai


    Congrats colour_thief!

    It's too bad that you lost when you were so close to winning sjoecool1991. Better luck next time and there are other ways you can get a Japanese XBOX360 if you really want one. ;) And great job winning the tournament tada!

    I wish we had less time to submit the inital 5 times. At the start I could barely get under 03:25. After playing for a few days my average time was just under 03:25. Nearing the deadline I got a lucky game with a time of 03:13 and was able to bring down my average under 03:20. It was almost impossible to improve on this even more in a single day. I tried for almost 2 hours but only got a time marginally better than my previous best.

    There was one particular game were I could have done better. First section was 01:02:xx, third section was 01:01:xx but the second was only 01:10:xx. If I was more consistent in my play I would have gotten a time around 03:05/06. Well the most important thing is that I was able to improve my 20G play!

    The contest was fun and I thank jago for the professional organization. Next time try give everyone a chance to win the prize! ^^
  4. Well, good games.
    All I have to say is, I am really sick of playing TGM1 now, lol.

    Now my only chance to get a Xbox 360 is gone, and i will have to deal with my only shmup collection on my computer [​IMG]

    Also Ai, I know there is, I just can't afford one, haha.

    I think I am taking a long tetris break again, I can't even look at my VSHG right now.
  5. QFT. I don't think I'll be playing TGM1 for a long time now. DeHackEd said it best... It's just too much of a good thing.
  6. COL


    That was very interesting, congrats to the winner and thanks for the vids. (BTW is there a special price for the losers? PS3? [​IMG] )
  7. Ai



    I actually did it, but 5 days too late unfortunately. With this result last Sunday I believe I would have won the tournament. ^^

    Edit: I think my result would have been 53,77.

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