Challenge: x360 contest is over. And the winner is...

Thread in 'Competition' started by K, 31 May 2009.

  1. K




    First is tada ! unfornately for him he can't win a x360 [​IMG]
    sjoecool1991 and colour_thief are fucking close to each other but colour_thief won !

    sjoecool1991, i'm very sorry. Even if it's very unpleasant to not being able to prove your 3:05:87, i can't consider it for the integrity of the contest and the prize value. I hope everybody will understand this common sense decision.

    Now let's hope this shit is still working properly without RROD [​IMG]

    Thank you all for participating ! [​IMG]


    After an IRC channeld Discussion in #ARIKA here is a small contest between colour_thief and sjoecool1991 to win the x360 i took back from Japan.
    Since sjoecool1991 is quite a noob in VS, it will be worthless to settle a standard VS lalilulelo* game.

    So let's try something new.

    Entry rules until Saturday:

    1) Play on Texmaster normal mode, but only from level 700 to 999 (meaning 300lvl in 20G). Needless to say that both of you must perform his best time attack.
    2) Post your best 5 time attack, without knowing the Final day challenge.
    3) Participant must try for one day to do their best again. According to their 5 previous best, we can use the following formula to calculate the final ranking :

    TBI = (world_fastest / Fastest_Entry) * Player_average
    Result =( 1- (Sunday_best - TBI)/(Player_average - TBI) ) *100

    World_Fastest is arbitrary based on a 777 fastest TGM 20G run (149,95)
    TBI stand for Theorical best improvement
    it mean that if a player didn't tried his best for entry submission, he get possibly strong advantage on Final challenge, and formula is biased.

    the winner was the one getting more Result point.

    - Other people were welcome to participate, but couldn't won the prize.
    - Kevin and Mufunyo had respectively late and incomplete entry, so only their best were used for average calculation.
  2. DeHackEd

    DeHackEd green Gm


    Let's get things started.
  3. K


    i didn't precise but :

    The system is done for everyone to stand a chance in this challenge whatever are your speed skills as long as you can, with consistency beat 300 lvl in 20G.
    so anybody give it a try...

    Please read the updated first post.
  4. [​IMG]
    To get me on there... I can do better though.
  5. Ai


    I gave it a try. I get around 3:25 in most cases. Maybe I'll try more later, but this seems to be the limit at the moment. The best 20G section time I ever got is just above 1 minute. In TGM_NDS my best section time is 54 seconds using TGM rotation (playing the 20G mode 0-100 section in practice mode). But it's definitely not comparable.

    I still need to find a good balance between speed and stacking cleanly. When I try to stack cleanly I'm too slow and when I try to play as fast as possible I mess up at some point and get stuck clearing singles and doubles for a while or top out.

    Oh and too bad no one else can win the Japanese Xbox360. ^^
  6. K


    Ok, i made some calculation but probably the current rules might not be sufficient, so i need to update the rules :
    I need all participant, the 5 best run time attack (but still only the fastest replay is required)

    Read the updated first post
  7. Ai


  8. Muf





    less fail! \o/
  9. Ill get around to playing a bunch tomorrow and Thursday, since I do not work.
  10. COL


    The 5 times are at the bottom of this:

  11. Ok, by now I am sick of playing the same thing over and over again, and I am done.
    Here are my 5 best.

    all S6

    Here is the .sav file.
  12. Man, I don't remember being this bad at Texmaster Normal. I only got one sub-4:00.

  13. Ai


    This will be the last time I submit times:

    This last one is from a save file on another PC...

    Best section time is 01:00:16.
  14. Here's my 5 best. I'm not sure if we can still play on Saturday? If so I might try to improve some more.

  15. K


    Yes !
    Dehacked, Carebearkid and mufunyo, you must post your 5 best or you'll be disqualified [​IMG]
  16. DeHackEd

    DeHackEd green Gm

    Not that it matters. I can't win.

    This is above and beyond the first run I already published.
  17. COL


    I had exactly the same problem. Turn off fullscreen in Texmaster.ini and take a screenshot with a specific tool.

    And now:[​IMG]

    I don'think i will improve this,so...
  18. Ai


    You have some very interesting replays in your save file COL. I wish my 20G play was that good and you're very good at recovering from bad situations!

    As for Novice mode, it seems you have grasped how to play for score, but you haven't been very lucky with the piece sequence and you need to play a little faster. Also it's better to start a combo with a tetris or start the combo when you sense an I-piece will come soon. Another trick that helps me quite a bit in score building is to only start the combo sequence after you get a z-piece. So stack high and try to combo your way down and repeat. It's as simple as that.

    My advice to you is to do some speed training by just clearing tetrises at first to improve your sub 20G play. As you get faster try comboing for higher scores.

    In my save file there are 2 Novice mode replays over 500.000 you should watch to better understand what I mean.

    3:40:28 504634
    3:35:06 508307

    You will notice that these games are far from perfect and I play slow as well. I've kept my fastest game and the last Novice mode replay is a game with Gold CO, but the score is low. All the other 27 Novice replays have a score over 450.000.

    I've wanted to make videos of the 2 games over 500.000 and put them on my Youtube account, but I've never encoded videos before. I'm also quite lazy... If someone wants to encode them for me I would appreciate it very much! ^^
  19. Okay, so apparently I go much faster when I'm NOT playing "Avoid the Single".


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