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  1. So my ZN-2 (TGM1 motherboard) seems to be on drugs at the moment. This happens with both EX2 and TGM. Anyone have an extra they might be willing to sell? I don't really feel like buying another EX2 and the only other ZN-2 game you can swap is Strider 2 ($250+) iirc, which is way too much.

    If no one has one to sell, I might buy another TGM and sell the rom board, so if you're in the market for one of those, hit me up as well.

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  2. I might be missing something, but I'm pretty sure that's CPS2 and not ZN-2.
  3. oops sorry i'm dumb
    Sophiacorp does have a TGM1 in stock if that's any consolation.
    How much would you sell the rom board for? I'm looking to buy one at some point next year.
  4. Depends on how much I'd spend, if I got the $166 one currently on coinopexpress I'd probably sell it for 60-70? Something like that.
  5. Had a look around and G-FRONT has a TGM1 ROM board listed for 3000JPY. That's really fucking cheap holy shit. Not sure if they have it in stock but I'd say it's worth inquiring about.
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  6. I've sent them an email once about it and I've never received any reply. But it's still worth a shot.

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