Would you go to a NYC arcade for TTGM?

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  1. it would be almost all fighters, except for a few choice shooters and "puzzle" games like TTGM and starsweep
  2. if you know already or have a free second to look it up, i'd love to know a place where i can buy 3 to 6 of these cabinets shipped to NYC.
  3. Can you do me a favor and search for a PCB of 'Dangun Feveron', great shmup with a really fun collecting/combo gimmick.

    Part of my business model is to fix that lopsidedness, or at least work with it. I'll have tournaments and promotions on weeknights to draw people in.
  4. damn i'm jealous. lucky NYC people.
  5. you can come to new york city and visit the arcade! weekly passes available for $20, monthly passes for $50!
  6. Yeah, this is a good strategy. The local Golfland arcades (Sunnyvale Golfland, Milpitas Golfland, etc.) have weekly promotions where there is a door fee to get in and all games are on Free Play. At SVGL, Wednesday Arcademanias get pretty packed. That particular event costs $12 for the whole day or $8 after 6pm. MGL's event is on Thursday and costs $10 for the day if I recall correctly.
  7. Haha, and my arcade is going to be in the heart of New York City, 4 blocks from the Empire State Building (if I can convince this owner to give me the space) and only $5. But I'll have pay games as well, it's not *ALL* free once the arcade games show up. And I'll have a limited number (but still a lot, like 6 + 1 arcade game or B) of free games to play.
  8. Imagine if I made TTGM the free arcade game for one month. Do you think a scene would form around it? People would definitely play it if it was a free arcade game in a nice cabinet. And it's tetris, people fucking love tetris. It's great PR for me too, that I have tetris. Not just fighting games here, folks!
  9. hard to say. even in AI where it's only a token to play and there are a ton of asians nobody plays it. i find people find it boring in master mode and only like shirase but the work it takes to be able to play shirase proficiently is quite a bit and nobody wants to spend the time in master mode to get there but maybe if it was free then people would grind it out. and if you have TGM1 then forget about it cause nobody wants to play that. probably better off having a twinkle star sprites/magical drop 3 machine for people's girlfriends.

    also marvel 2 is kinda expensive for 50 cents. wouldn't a set up be cheap for it? remember people prefer the old american style cabinet and IL sticks for it so you wouldnt have to buy a fancy ass candy cab and put more expensive sanwa parts.

    and you probably shouldn't get a SSF4 cab if you're going to have it on consoles and charge people to enter the place because a lot of people unfortunately are only into SSF4 and maybe they'll be like why am i going to pay 5 bucks for access to the consoles when i don't even want to play on them or maybe they'll bel ike why am i going to pay 75 cents to play arcade SSF4 when i've already paid 5 bucks and I can play it all on want on console. Maybe if you had a dedicated cab that had a console hooked to it on free play. that could be a nice compromise.

    EDIT: fuck yeah KoFXIII. god i wish i had an arcade around here with it so i could drop SSF4
  10. http://bankbank.net/ logo done

    marvel 2 might be 50c in the very beginning, but if i can get it cheap enough it'll be 25 cents.

    i think people will distinguish between the console and arcade versions of ssf4. the arcade version comes out in december with 6 or 8 new characters and probably a bunch else and that won't be available immediately on consoles.
  11. Just to let you know, I'm really glad that you have so much enthusiasm for this project but you must realize that it's not necessarily going to succeed even if you do everything right. Have you even factored in the fact that you'll need to install coin locks on everything? You'll also need to spend a shitload fixing things, especially in an arcade in the middle of NYC. Just things to consider.
  12. I spoke with the operator of another arcade and he told me he spends a combined total of 500 dollars on maintenance and electricity combined. What is going to be needing fixing? Buttons are cheap, sticks aren't cheap but don't break that frequently.

    All the token-related stuff is a big expense, probably $1500 or more for tokens and a machine, but it's a must-buy.
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  13. Yes, you can plug that Starsweep PCB into any JAMMA-compatible arcade cabinet. Which is to say, 99.9% of all cabs on this continent will take it.

    Candy cabs do disassemble -- I've personally had to dismantle my New Astro City into component parts in order to get it into (and out of) my previous residence. It's pretty straightforward even without instructions and requires only the simplest of tools.

    Oh and I'll have a look for Dangun (I also love that game) but I expect it to be harder to find and several hundred dollars.

    Tops has it (弾銃フィーバロン) for $420ish. Their English site is:
  14. Uninformed post of the month award.
  15. yeah sorry I am uninformed and was talking out my ass. truth is tetris is a great performer and a staple of the arcade. kitaru had arcade operators begging him to sell them his TGM pcb. I've never had everybody that i've ever tried to turn onto TGM tell me that the game is boring to learn. I've never been to Arcade Inifinity and I've never had people that have never had any interest in putting a token into the machine stand around and excitedly watch me play shirase only to never even glance the cab again after my visit was over. I've never had people from out of state at a tournament bitch me out because their arcade manager decided to get a tetris machine that nobody plays. and I certainly don't know people that frequent arcades with tetris machine so there's no way i know how they perform.

    100% talking out of my ass.
  16. also i have come up with a great idea to attract people to your arcade for tetris. invite empire arcadia's leader, triforce gamemaster, to play tetris for free. people will flock from all over NY and surrounding states to see a true tetris legend in action.
  17. orz


    also invite ciji "starslay3r" thornton and legendary game designer david sirlin
  18. Look at the premises I quoted again. They're all personally held beliefs. Do you understand why that'd make it hard to take them seriously? You aren't representative of all players. I know you think Master is slow and boring shit, but it'd be foolish to make a blanket statement about all players. Now, if the scene at AI is such that no one is playing it, maybe that lends a little bit more strength to your argument, but all I saw in that post was "Montetris."

    Yes, absolutely no one. There is no way I was just hanging out with some friends that are casual players that played a handful of games. There is no way I've ever seen a random person play the game, and there is no way I've ever played any Versus with anyone there. There is no way the SJSU TGMers would ever spend money on the game either. Nope. Absolutely zero people care about ever trying TGM1! Astute observation, Monte.

    I never said this. All I was commenting on was your notion that no one would play TGM1, which I feel was a conclusion based on false premises. Besides, everything I have heard indicates it has been doing fine at Arcade UFO. Not every venue is going to be the same.

    Haha, is this supposed to be ad hominem or something? That's cute.

    Then it doesn't sound like they give a shit about playing! You know some people spectate games because they're interesting to watch even if they have no interest in learning how to play them, right?
  19. neither of them are tetris legends. please offer some real advice. also if you decide to invite triforce gamemaster please make sure the TGM cab is powerglove compatible.
  20. They might as well be if we're citing TFGM as one.

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