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    Does anyone know what the (official) world record for Tetris on Gameboy is? I found nowhere else informations about it, just some "personal Highscores" of some peoples. On Wikipedia (german version) there is written that the official world record is hold by some american guy who had reached a little bit more than 645'000 points. But this can't be the official world record, i think it should be bigger, something about 800'000? Does anyone know this?
  2. I would say the world record would be a max out, I have seen pics of one but it did not look very legitimate, it had about 1200 lines i think, i can track down the pic if intrested. DZ from is pretty much the most insane player of tetris GB these days he can score over 800,000 but only just, i think he could defently acheive a max but he claims he has'nt reach that.........yet. There is also this quite old site i know about not sure if you have ever seen it might it has a few useful bit and pecies on it, Dx and orginal GB scores all which I belive are legit,

    Personaly, I can't rech over 600,00 but, I intend to change that ASAP.

    Get back to me if you want any sort of tetris comp, im so freaking bored knowone hardly talks about comps these days. I dont mind what version either.

    - Jono
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    Thank you! So, the highest score I found (with proof) is the one of DZ: 888222, and I also had a look to the video of him (Its quite funny to look at a game of someone else, and it was surprising to see that most of the time, i would have set the pieces exactly at the same place with same orientation..)

    On the older Site wich you gave me the link to, there was still a higher score, but without proof. But I think its possible to get 900'000 or more.

    My record is a 642'??? (???=don't remember anymore, was about 2 years ago).

    I was one day surprised by a colleague of mine, who told me that he also plays Tetris (I thought that noone else is playing this game anymore..) and he told me that he reached more than 800'000, so at first i was surpised, and was not sure if i should believe this or not. This is why i asked.

    His strategy is, that he only makes single lines in Level 20, and goes on like this for a long time (>200 Lines). So by every line you get an additional ~1'000 points, and so it's possible to get 800'000. My strategy was always to make some 4-liners in Level 20 to get a lot of points (Yes it's possible to do this in Level 20! But not often), and then lost nearly always with this strategy (In total reached only 228 lines). So in future i'll play with his strategy to get such a highscore..

    To the competition: I'll try to make a real highscore and i'll put then a photograph of it onto the yahoo-Tetris-Higscore-group, but i don't want to do competitions...

  4. Yeah, its funny you say you go for tetris's on level 20 instead of singels thats exactly what i always do. I had never actually thought of only going for singels on level 20 until I saw DZ video.

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    I haven't visited these forums in ages; how coincidental it is that the first time I come back, there's a topic concerning me right on top! I see Jono is here as well. It's a shame that the arkmay forum is too plagued with spam and such to be productive anymore.

    The *OFFICIAL* world record is held at TwinGalaxies at a whopping 400,000 or so (last time I checked). Lot's of people have beaten that. The unnofficial (and proven) world record is held by me (888222.... I like that number), as far as I know.

    I used to go for Tetrises on level 20 as well, but I learned that it's just far too risky. Sometimes I'll set one up, but if the stack reaches 5-6 lines or above, I'll break it down with a few L and J blocks. You'll want to keep all of the blocks as horizontal as you can.

    When it starts to get warm this year, I'll be playing Tetris more. Right now, it's just too cold in my room to play well (57 F): it affects your fingers... I WILL get a maxout by the end of this year.

    Also, I'm planning on uploading a better video soon (801753 points, 403 lines) because I really don't like the way the current one ends. Of course, this new one also ends with a silly mistake (DAMMIT I HATE THE S-BLOCKS), but at least it has a higher score.
  6. Hey cool a relpy, and I absolutely agree with you about the arkmay site, everyday I get more and more frustrated with it, im going to go insane!

    Also I was wondering is this DZ?

    Anyway, im trying to beat my record on GB i dont think i will get more than 700,000. But im getting to distracted trying to beat the twingalaxies world records on DX Iv got a vid of 210,000 ultra and 40 lines in 1:24. So till beat my personal best i dont think im going to be making many descent classic GB tetris vids. As soon as you get that max out please let me know, also try and make a vid of it. That would be so good and rare!

    A max out vid on GB, man everyone would here about it.

    Good luck with your intense tetris playing, get in touch with me if you make any good vids or have any sweet screen shots. If your intersted in any of mine email me and its done.

    Here from you soon

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    Yeah, I'm the same guy as DZ on the arkmay forums and Spectre66 on the gamefaqs forums (not sure if you post there). I'm still trying for the maxout; even with the cold I play a few rounds on most days.
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    Ugh, there it is again. 850000 points and the blocks pile up too high with no long block. *mumbles unintelligibly*
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    Hey, it's me!
  11. Sorry Guest, a little slow........

    - Jono
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    I maxed the score out on gameboy at 9999999. I have currently been playing a game for a few days and my line total is 7080. Honestly.
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    Someone on gamefaqs posted their video a while ago of a max out game (score wise). If I can find it, I will post it.
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    I guess I should have registered before, all my messages say Guest, lol.
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    I have gameboy advance and the old color tetris dx. I have been playing all day and I am officially up to 8552 lines.
  18. I play alot of DX sara, what are personal records?

    - Jono
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    Anybody can get to 8552 lines with SRS. That's why Henk is moving the franchise to 3 minute games and vs. mode.

  20. let's hope it keeps going in that direction. tds is a dissapointing exception.

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