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Thread in 'Discussion' started by herc, 21 Jul 2007.

  1. so... just made this thread to express my disbelieve that there is still no Tetris for the new nintendo console. not even any kind of announcement. Will Wii be the first without Tetris ?

  2. PSP
  3. but... psp is from sony. i was talking about the first nintendo console / handheld without tetris....

  4. Turbo Graphix/PC-Engine
  5. I'm sure there are several platforms without Tetris, I just didn't think back all that much.. PSP still doesn't have Tetris, and it was released before Wii.
  6. In comes you-know-who to talk about how PSP really has Super Tetris 3, Tetris Battle Gaiden, Tetris + Dr. Mario, etc...
  7. hmm. i forgot: indirectly Wii has Tetris worlds (gamecube version)...
  8. It's kind of a moot point though, you can't go out and buy a Tetris game in a store.

    There are countless flash tetris clones that you can play in Opera on Wii, but that doesn't count either.

  9. hmm - did i miss something? is it now possible to use the d-pad?

    i do not know how you would be able to play a flash tetris using the wiimote...
  10. why ya got to get my hopes up like that? looked like you had some info on a new game.

  11. Same here. Title is evil.
  12. jujube

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    not as long as tetris DS carts are still being sold. why compete with yourself?

    edit: actually, after looking in the wiki i see tetris for gameboy and NES were released in 1989. as of now it's been about 16 months since TDS was released in the US.

    is it possible that back then in '89 nintendo thought that no one would get a gameboy and NES, so they put out a tetris game for both?
  13. "why compete with yourself?"

    from a business angle, sometimes it's a win-win.
  14. Atari 2600, Atari 5200, Colecovision, Jaguar, Vectrex, Lynx, Master System, Game Gear, 3DO, CD-i, GP32, GP2X, Neo Geo, Pippin Atmark, PocketStation, PC-FX, Dreamcast VMU...

  15. CD-i actually did get Tetris.
  16. @caffeine:

    sorry for the willingly confusingly title. i just cant understand it. wii hardware is selling that hot, but software i s kind of lacking, and that months and months after the release. everything seems to coming late with Wii, even their in house bestsellers like mariokart.

    probably its only a matter of time for a wii tetris. wii is THE casual machine, yet there are so few of the typical casual games out for it.

    of course, there is the problem of selling a smaller casual game for the price of a full blown dvd-title. you can see that with super-fruit-fall - no one was willing to buy that little game for 59 ( a price thats borderline even for a top noch title like super mario) so they dropped the price to 29 - and even this is way too much.

    so lets hope that things will change with WiiWare. but with WiiWare i am afraid tha quality will suffer.. - how much multimedia fits into - lets say - MAX 20 mbyte - per WiiWare title? and still then - what will it cost? i would max give away 20 for a game not on dvd.
  17. On the contrary, I think they are releasing some of their biggest titles early with Wii. Nintendo has never launched a console with Zelda before, but they did with the Wii.

    And Mario Kart Wii is coming early 2008, that's just a little over a year into the life of Wii and it's right on track with the release of Mario Kart DS and much earlier than any other Mario Kart before that.

    Other big titles they have, and will, release this year include Super Paper Mario, Metroid Prime Corruption, Super Smash Bros Brawl, Fire Emblem, Super Mario Galaxy, etc. All a mere year into the life of the Wii.

  18. actually, it does NOT work directly for flash. only for javascript.

    though, there is a extremely hacky method to get it done in flash:

    http://www.hackszine.com/blog/archive/2 ... ttons.html

    but after reading the above link everyone will agree that its a badasshack. you could never make something fast responding with that.

    (though i will now try and test this demo: http://www.quasimondo.com/flashwiimote.php )
  19. Right, I just know I read somewhere that they had managed to hook the wiimote buttons in flash, so I googled for it quickly when you wanted to know about it.

    I haven't tried it myself and I can't try it right now since I'm not at home. (where my Wii is)

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