Who is the most active on TDS WiFi?

Thread in 'Discussion' started by GFish, 8 May 2008.

  1. thomasgx1

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    dont you get bored?
  2. With multiplayer and a ranking system you never get bored. At least I don't. I know that I can always better my ranking.
  3. mat


    i've been playing a lot lately... takes forever to get above 7000...
  4. thomasgx1

    thomasgx1 Unregistered

    i've never played online, i think i should.. i know i keep saying it but i'll get around to recording my skill level soon I swear

  5. To be honest, I find Tetris DS to be a pretty crappy Tetris game if you remove the online play. It's the only thing that actually makes it good.
  6. thomasgx1

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    I love it, its got vs which is all I mainly play but i gave catch a big run for a while and push is quite interesting. Marathon is borked but the other modes are good.
  7. The puzzles kept me occupied for a while, but all the other modes got boring really quickly. After a while it feels like I'm basically just trying to improve my high score for the sake of doing so. There's no real reward to playing the same mode over and over to get a run which is a fraction closer to perfection.

    I only really play the single player modes when I'm away somewhere and don't have much else to do, and I'm deprived of the wifi play.
  8. tepples

    tepples Lockjaw developer

    Tell that to the people over in the Lockjaw 40 lines topic [​IMG]

  9. In part that's the reason I don't play Lockjaw that much. It's something that doesn't appeal to me.

    But at least there's some sort of competitive element there. With the Tetris DS highscores there's not really a leaderboard. I also feel that Lockjaw 40 lines times are based on nothing but skill and speed. For TDS highscores it feels like it's less skill, and more who can be bothered playing it over and over enough so that they get a run where they don't slip up. You have infinite spin to exploit. All it really takes is the ability to ST stack, and then the patience to keep trying until you get a 200 line run without screwing up somewhere.
  10. jujube

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    vs mode in TDS is still fun for me. every game is different because you have to adjust for different garbage patterns and you're constantly reassessing your possibilities vs the cpu's possibilities. it doesn't substitute the challenge of facing a diversity of playing styles online though.
  11. thomasgx1

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    ok, i got my gf to record two goes on vs level 4 last night which i'll upload either today or tomorrow to youtube.

    If i play level 5 i find myself largely being defensive and I thought it would be better to show me being offensive as well as defensive. I do lose now and again on level 4 so i'm glad i won the two games, i'd have posted them regardless anyway so people could give me some advice.

    It was recorded on my phone so the quality isn't so good but i think you'll get the jist. wts.
  12. Ai


    I received my Nintendo DS WiFi USB Connector almost 2 weeks ago now and I haven't yet been able to play the game that much.

    From the few games I played I won most games and I have currently a Wifi rating of about 5300. I'm too busy with LJ, Texmaster and TGM at the moment. But I'll definitely aim for a rating over 6000 this summer.

    By the way I'm curious about something. How many tetris points ( NOT wifi rating!) do you have? Not that it represents how good you are at tetris. Just curious.

    Here is a website with some tetris high scores, but I'm not sure it's legit. Does anyone use the site?

  13. A few old members here used to use that site.

    Billmann and Sully are the names I know most, but I recognise a few others.

    My Tetris Points is in the range of 36000, but I couldn't state an exact figure.
  14. Ai


    Very impressive score. You would be ranked 3rd on the site if you submitted your score.

    Currently my score is about 21500 (21449 if I remember correctly). I achieved this in roughly three weeks after which I started playing the game less in favor of LJ and TGM.

    Only played Standard Mode a lot and also finished the puzzles. I didn't spend that much time in the other modes. I found Touch Mode to be especially difficult. Catch Mode and Mission Mode did keep me busy for a while.
  15. thomasgx1

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