What's your favourite wall kicks? (TGM1 and TAP)

Thread in 'Strategy' started by Melinda, 28 Feb 2015.

  1. Sometimes I'll be playing TGM1 20G mode and I'll do a wall kick not being fully used to them yet, and it will just give me so much joy filling a hole I never thought I was gonna fill.

    Anyways, maybe this is dumb, but does anyone have a favorite wall kick that they just never seem to get tired of?
  2. These ones (and the mirrored version on the left side) I use the most, because they are really obvious to me and so and can do them fast enough and consistent at 20G.

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
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  3. I like this one, because it isn't too obvious and often ends up being an elegant solution that leaves no hole after skimming.

    But beware that the mirrored version doesn't always work:
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  4. That one gets me EVERY time.
  5. I would like to make that one work, someday... [​IMG]
  6. You mean this one ?

    I've been trying so hard to stack and do the other one with absolutely no success T_T
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  7. I have done that J kick once.

    You can do something kinda crazy like that with S and Z too, but I've never been able to kick 'em in a live game.
  8. I'm a huge fan of these two J kicks:

  9. I have no idea why, but that second one really makes me happy.
  10. The one where you initial rotate an L or J so its' long side is downward so it can cross a two wide gap without going dow a row, then rotating it back so its' long direction is again vertical. It can be very challenging at higher speeds.
  11. always been partial to this move:

    and it's not a kick to fill an overhang, but I've been trying to learn this optimization:
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  12. Close enough! I've done the one you just mentioned, but the main difference is that here you and I use DAS right IRS B, left, B as a rotation whereas I want to have the reflex to go for DAS right IRS A, C, and BAM it just goes in.

    Hahaha... French stuff... :sneaky:

    Also TWF your L wallkick also shows how you can make a double if you don't press A. Can be useful as well in tricky situations and demands a bit of reading! And I go for your S/Z triple rotate as much as I possibly can :)
  13. Yeah, it's much nicer than doing a double-tap.
    Even better is something I saw in a KAN death score attack vid:
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