What is the best controller to play on TGM?

Thread in 'Hardware' started by nicofromtokyo, 8 Mar 2011.

  1. I thought that was a problem particular to the PS3 Street Fighter IV Tournament Edition. HRAPs should be fine.
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    It's not just the te sticks. Hori fighting sticks for ps3 also have issues.
  3. Thanks for your help :).

    So basically, if I buy a Hori RAP (and not a Fighting Stick), I won't need to buy anything else, I will just have to put the the gate into the 4-ways position. I have a PS3, so I guess I'll buy a HRAP for PS3 and play on my laps when I'm in front of my computer.

    Do you guys have preferences between these models?


    I wans't able to find any shops in Akiba selling them directly, so I guess I will buy it on the net. Just don't want to face bad surprise. Thank you.
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    I would go for the HRAP3-SA, because it is 100% Sanwa parts. Regular HRAP3s have a Sanwa joystick, but Hori buttons (which have the same microswitches as Seimitsu buttons, and feel different from Sanwa buttons).
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  6. I just bought the HORI HRAP V3 SA, thank you all for your advices!
  7. HORI RAP V3 SA received! No problem for playing on my laps, and no problem for switching the restrictor to 4-way, thanks to your advices :).

    Just a question: I guess I have to get used with it after these 2 months playing with my PS2 gamepad, but my fingers come naturally on the X, □ and △. Unfortuntly, active buttons are □, X and O and it seems to be the opposite order of the gamepad.

    Do you guys play that order of buttons or you adjust the buttons to your play by changing their positions inside the stick?
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    Everyone just plays arcade layout, that is:
    □ Left rotate (A)
    △ Right rotate ([noparse]B)[/noparse]
    R1 Left rotate (C)
    × Hold (D)
  9. How is it possible to modify the stick?
  10. Muf


    Just pull the wires from the pins on the buttons and re-wire as you wish.
  11. Should I take off the white pins or the black part where the pins are put inside?

    I tried to take the white pins of the black parst, but it seems to be strongly fixed, and I don't want to break my new toy :(.
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    Pull off the white sleeves. The black part is the microswitch, which is part of the button, so leave that alone.
  13. You don't need to re-wire the buttons in the stick. Just change what they're assigned to do in MAME or whatever software you're using.
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    I believe he also plays on PS2/PS3 which I'm not sure of whether he can remap buttons there.
  15. Thanks all, and particularly mufunyo. I was finally able to put these white sleeves off, and place
    □ Left rotate (A)
    △ Right rotate ([noparse]B)[/noparse]
    R1 Left rotate (C)
    for the moment. I only play TGM and TAP so it should be ok right now.

    I tried to find the option to configurate the stick buttons on the Mame window, but didn't find anything. Anyway.

    Btw, Zanghi moves became SO smooth :o.
  16. When MAME is running, you can press Tab to bring up the on-screen menu. From there, you can change the global defaults for all games or the particular control configuration for the game currently running.

  17. I played a few games on the real arcade game in Akiba yesterday, and found the sticks far more "harder" than the one I am currently using, which is pretty soft. Is there a common way to make his stick harder, with less rebonds?
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    Well, i'm not there, but i figure either

    a) the ones in the arcade have stiffer springs.
    b) they aren't using the same stick type. either a different sanwa model, or a Seimitsu stick.
  19. What is a stiffer spring?

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