What is the best controller to play on TGM?

Thread in 'Hardware' started by nicofromtokyo, 8 Mar 2011.

  1. Muf


    Or he could, you know, go down to actual Akihabara and buy stuff in person. :p
  2. Yep, living 20 minutes far from Akiba and buy stuff in person is not a problem, but I just have to know what to buy :)
  3. Something like this?

  4. Woop, I was able to go on Lvl 623 on TAP with my PS2 Gamepad :o But still annoyed by lags, so I'd like to give a try to joystick.

    I found several models for Hori fighting sticks, so the X-Box model should be the best regarding size/price/performance? I guess I will buy this one if I am still alive the next days... :|
  5. Which Hori stick are you looking at? Remember that Hori Fighting Sticks don't have real arcade parts and will take additional work to modify for 4-way use. Hori Real Arcade Pros, on the other hand, will have a Sanwa or Seimitsu joystick part that will allow you to change the restrictor for 4-way use.

    Also, if you're not ready to spend money on a suitable joystick at the moment, don't forget that a keyboard is also great for playing and learning the game.

    I hope you are doing well in light of recent events. Stay safe.
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    I would get the EX2 and the JLF, and then find a modding guide if space is an issue. I would get the variant of the stick without the PCB because the stick doesn't use common ground.

    As you can see, it's a bit of a project. There are more expensive sticks that are easier to mod out there.
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    keep in mind the EX2 is, other than in parts, physically very different than the regular HRAPs. the HRAPs are decently heavy work and well on your lap as well as a table. i've used an EX2 before and they just lack the weight and solid feel of the regular HRAP cases, regardless of what parts you put in
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    rumor has it the cheaper madcatz stick (the smaller one) is designed to be VERY easy to swap parts into, so if you find a good price (under 50 US or equivalent) it's probably worth buying that and the JLF because it will be easy to put it in.
  9. You can put in some work to modify it to use the parts you need, but a HRAP would generally be better.

    If you really wanted to make things cheap, you could just get the EX2 and a Sanwa GT-8F restrictor (the default gate on a Sanwa JLF joystick) to hack up. You can drill four holes in the Sanwa restrictor to make it a suitable replacement for the EX2's square-only gate. The joystick itself won't be as nice, but you won't have to worry about hitting corners on accident with a proper diamond gate. (EDIT: Mod Guide)

    We've seen players excel with odder hackjobs. Amnesia cut 4-way gates out of plastic cards to use in his crappy Gamester joystick, haha. He would abuse his makeshift gates until they cracked, and one day the whole controller finally died. I think he has one of the Street Fighter IV sticks now.
  10. Thanks for your replies. I am still alive, and think about buying a stick smaller than my table, and then modify it to get a 4-way lever. Size is a real concern, more than the price, that's why I would like to have your opinion guys regarding the smallest and best stick.

    So now I have the option to buy an Hori EX2 (X-Box version) and put a Sanwa GT-8F 4-way restrictor.

    I found the Hori Soul Calibur 4 (X-Box) that seems smaller than a RAP:
    Can it be hacked up?

    Thoughts? Thank you!
  11. Zaphod77

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    It's definitely hackable just like the other EX2s.

    The easiest mod is the restrictor replacement.

    Using the original shaft, but the rest of the parts being sanwa gives better quality, but is also more work.

    If you use the sanwa shaft too, you will need to either file it down or hollow out the bottom of the base to make room.

    Bottom line.

    Hori Fighting Stick EX2=hackable with work.
    Madcatz fightging stick=super easy to swap real parts in, probably not quite as small, and probably more expensive for you.
  12. Thanks for the advice. I will check for the smallest stick then try to find someone to hack up the stuff for me in Akihabara :).
  13. I am trying to find shops able to hack me up the stuff, but it's more difficult than I thought :/

    I saw some videos with guys playing with their RAP on their knees, is this a solution or a compromise? Or you definitly advice me either to buy a small and hacked stick or to live in a country with more space on appartement(may be complicated)?

    Btw, I saw this one that doesnt seem too much big, it seems to be wireless:

    Last one! Will a 8-way stick completly block me for mastering TGM, or I will just need some practice to avoid problems?

    Thank you!
  14. I think most people put their HRAP or SFIV TE on their laps rather than on a table. That's how I usually do it, anyway.

    I tend to prefer wired, just in case the wireless introduces some sort of latency. It's probably not a gamebreaker these days, but I like to stay on the safe side.

    If your only option is 8-way, it's better to stick with keyboard or gamepad instead. Trying to do motions like Zangi Moves would be very awkward with a square gate.
  15. Muf


  16. Yeah, I know, that's why I said it probably wasn't a problem these days. It's also not the only reason I stick with wired, but I suppose I should have made it a bit more clear that it was mostly a matter of preference. :p
  17. Intersting, that means I could maybe afford me something else than a Fighting Stick and go directly for a RAP. Anyway, I will need to hack it up, but according to your posts, it seems rather simple for RAP than for FS.

    Are the RAP for PS3 different from the Xbox ones when I play on a PC?
  18. Yeah, setting up a HRAP or FSTE for 4-way is just a matter of opening it up, removing the gate, doing this, then clicking it back into place and closing everything up.

    The PS3 versions should be about the same as the Xbox ones, but Xbox controllers require a driver installation whereas I believe PS3 controllers are just plug & play. It shouldn't make much of a difference if you use Windows, but you might have to go find special drivers to use an Xbox 360 controller on Mac or Linux.
  19. Zaphod77

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    xbox360 ones are just more reliable in windows. often ps3 sticks will just flat out not work even though they should, depending on your usb chipset.

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