what do i need to play PAL in the US?

Thread in 'Hardware' started by wasmachstdugern, 30 Dec 2014.

  1. a german tetriser and i swapped NTSC and PAL consoles but i am not sure what i need to play it over here. i bought a plugin adapter but i have heard that wont do since they use differing voltages (NTSC- 110V and PAL 240V?)...
    anyone have any experience with this? what do i need to buy to play it over here?

    also, how bad will the image be on my US TV? i know the 50hz/60hz thing will cause problems. anyone know where i can get a PAL compatible TV in the US on the cheap?
  2. You can just use your US power adapter -- the output voltage is the same and the system's rectifier will be able to handle both 50/60hz AC.

    Without a PAL -> NTSC converter, you're probably just going to get illegible grey scrambled garbage signal. (I think Bo bought a video converter. Maybe he could weigh in on that.) If you want a TV that supports PAL natively, you could try looking around for someone getting rid of a Sony PVM.
  3. will this work?
  4. According to this, that model should support PAL.

    I see a connector in the pictures on the ad, but if for whatever reason they don't include it then you'll want an RCA -> BNC adapter to hook up the video.

    I'm going to call someone else over to the thread to see if they have any input, but this is what I'm thinking. I'm still waiting on my PAL NES, but I remembered that I could boot up a PAL PS2 game to test things out. I'm borrowing a 14" PVM from a friend that definitely supports PAL (option in the on-screen menu), but I also have a 8" or 9" PVM similar to the one you linked that I can try out when I go back down some time this week.
  5. because i am impatient i bought it without your go ahead and... it works perfectly!

    tiny screen but other than that it is great. aside from the fact that PAL tetis is WAAAAAY harder than i thought it would be. i find myself making a lot of last second corrections and not really knowing how to skill stop very well. i have a few months to practice up before i go to denmark and represent the USA...:D

    again, thanks alex!
  6. Haha, right on. :) Best of luck in your training!

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