What are your keys configuration?

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  1. hey what's up guys, i'm new, and i'm glad i finally found a tetris related forums in the internet. i just wanted to know what is the keys configuration, im using default, but i'm just not feeling it. thanks in advance
  2. Muf


    w = hard drop
    s = soft drop
    a = left
    d = right
    i = rotate left
    o = rotate right
    p = rotate left (optional)
    space = hold (optional)
  3. I use the same key configuration.
  4. joystick up = hard drop
    joystick down = soft drop
    joystick left = left
    joystick right = right

    joystick button 1 = rotate left
    joystick button 2 = rotate right
    joystick button 3 = rotate left
    joystick button 4 = hold

  5. A,S,D,F,G,H,J,K,L,; - Drop active piece in corresponding column
    W,U - Rotate active piece counter-clockwise
    E,I - Rotate active piece by 180 degrees
    R,O - Rotate active piece clockwise
    Spacebar - Hold active piece

  6. For keyboard:

    W - hard/firm drop
    S - soft drop
    A - shift left
    D - shift right

    Numpad 4 - rotate CCW (ARS) / rotate CW (SRS)
    Numpad 5 - rotate CW (ARS) / rotate CCW (SRS)
    Numpad 6 - rotate CCW (ARS) / rotate CW (SRS)
    Numpad 0 - hold

    EDIT: Fixed for muf.
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  7. Muf


  8. My keyboard configuration is similar to Muf and Zircean's, but I'm an Arrows ZXC Space kind of guy.
  9. DeHackEd

    DeHackEd green Gm

    Arrow keys up down left right
    z,x,c as rotation buttons

    Except on my laptop which has a flakey X key. There I use the MAME default of LeftCTRL LeftALT Space as rotation buttons.

    For needs that need Hold, I need my joystick.
  10. this.
  11. Keyboard:
    up/downarrow = hard/soft drop
    leftarrow = left
    rightarrow = right
    a,s,d = rotate
    space = hold

    Few people that rotate lefthanded with keyboard?^^
  12. That's the setup I use as well. Did make switching from keyboard to joystick a bit more of a faff because my hands switched roles.
  13. VS/guideline:
    hold = up arrow
    left = left arrow
    right = right arrow
    soft drop = down arrow
    hard drop = g
    rotate left = j
    rotate right = k

    joystick directions = wsad / sxzc
    rotate = jkl / m,.
    hold = space bar
    same as the Texmaster control scheme
  14. I usually use arrows for movement and asd for rotation with space for hold, like Free and Rosti.

    Once in a while I'll switch hands and use esdf for movement and jkl for rotation with ; for hold. That's the way I configure the keyboard for playing console emulators, so I'm still pretty used to it even though it's switched around.
  15. WASD for movement/dropping, arrow keys for rotate (left = right = rotate left, down = rotate right)
  16. Muf


    How would you hold? :sowsuser:
  17. I use arrows for movement (up = hard drop), z for CCW, x for CW, c for hold.
    I rarely use a second rotation button, especially on keyboard.
  18. I almost never play tetris games with hold. When I do, I use space. It's kinda awkward.
  19. m:)


    if I'm playing a non-tgm game, mine are almost the same, but down is hardrop and up is soft. at 20g in tgm down is lock so this feels right for me.

    i can't play on keys.
  20. Muf


    No wonder you almost never play them then.

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