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Thread in 'Locations & Events' started by Qlex, 17 Jun 2011.

  1. Hey folks,

    There's a very good chance that I'm gonna travel from my country, France, through West Coast from July 9 to July 25, approximatively.

    I might be in San Diego, San Francisco, Anaheim, Antioch, and Las Vegas. Nothing is settled, but here's the question :

    What Tetris events are located in West Coast during this period? Might I get the chance to meet some American Tetrisconcept players? Anything can get me interested!

    Thanks in advance
  2. !!!

    Okay, so you want to go to SouthTown Arcade when you're in San Francisco because they have Tetris Grand Master 3. If we know when you're planning to visit, we might be able to round up some folks for a meet there.
  3. I am very close to booking, but there's some exams I need to get through before that. More info to come on Monday - Tuesday

    SF's visiting might be from July 18 to July 20 anyways.

    EDIT : Some bad news... I've got one more exam during the 13th of July, so the travelling plan will be edited. However, I'm still going to be in SF.

    I'll look into it more in detail once I get the chance.

    EDIT 2 : I finally moved the day my exam will take place. I'll book tonight.
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  4. [​IMG]

    I finally booked the tickets.

    12 July. I'll be there, and I'll play at SouthTown Arcade. Prepare yourself!
  5. How long are you staying? A) SouthTown is closed on Tuesday, and B) I work during the week. D:
  6. Ouch.

    I'll be in SF for the whole week starting from Monday, July 11 evening.

    I have to go to Antioch from Friday to Sunday 17. After that, I'll pretty much stay at SF for one more day, and then I'm off to San Diego. I'll do San Diego/Paris at July 22.

    Bottom line : I unfortunately won't make it to a week-end. I could go at SouthTown Arcade any other day of the week though I guess.
  7. Hey!

    I had more time to check my travelling. I think I'll visit Yosemite Park up until Wednesday 13, so I'll be in SF from the 13th afternoon to the 14th, roughly. This whole plan might sound sketchy, that's because it is.

    First of all : Can TC players near SF come to SouthTown Arcade for Wednesday 13, or Thursday 14?

    Second : I might have to put my luggage somewhere. Housing me would be some really awesome stuff, but if you can't do it, it's okay, I got alternatives.

    However, I'd like to know if I can deposit a piece of luggage at somebody's home for the 13th of July, or the 14th. Again, if you can't do, that's fine with me. Just PM me to let me know.

    Third : If there's a time restriction for people who want to play, I might book a hotel. If people are interested in meeting me during my hypothetical stay in a hotel, then by all means write me a PM, or write directly here.
  8. have to work, unfortunately...plus i'm busy thursday nights. =/
  9. Okay,

    I bought a hotel for my arrival, and I'll leave it at wednesday July 13. I might get to SouthTown Arcade on wednesday 13 afternoon, but there's a good chance I'll be resting a little bit in my room from Monday the 11st to Wednesday the 13rd, and I'll be completely open for some random stuff.
  10. Double posting to say that I'm leaving tomorrow for SF, and to confirm what I said 2 days ago.

    Will some people have time to go to the arcade on wednesday afternoon or evening? Let me know, even if you can't!
  11. Well, I know one person said they might have time, but since they haven't posted here to confirm whether or not they'd be able to make it out on Wednesday I won't be so bold as to volunteer their name here. :s
  12. Ok, it's still cool ^^

    I have arrived in SF, I'm a little bit destroyed from that jet lag, but I'm there.

    I'll just double check about something, and then I'll confirm my attending on Wednesday (i.e. tomorrow).

    What kind of hour would suit the interested one(s)? I think I'm free to go/leave at any moment. The longer the better.

    EDIT : It's confirmed. I can do this! If you cannot get to me by Private Messaging, you can join me at +33 (thats the French indicator) 6..89..14..04..62.

    It doesn't cost you anything to call me on my phone, but it is expensive for me. Use it only when necessary, or text message me, it's much cheaper.

    EDIT NUMBER 2 : I'll be here when the arcade is open, say at 3 PM. I have a purple shirt and glasses. Don't hesitate to text message me.

    EDIT NUMBER 3 : Okay, done. It was nice, but as I feared, nobody from TC was there. I think I've seen somebody come, look casually at the TGM3 cabinet and then get away, that was when I was back from my lunch at 4 PM (I really ought to eat regularly...). Anyway, more details later. Going to sleep =_=
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