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Are you ready to DIE

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  1. 855 @ 5:15:91
    You can see my heart rate start to creep up once I pass 500.
    I've been playing an excessive amount of death this week, still trying to get that GM...
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  2. Screen Shot 2019-03-27 at 1.59.46 PM 1.png
    oh babey
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  4. Aaaaand I did a thing. A level 334 in Shiromino's G2 Death mode. Anything more would require a massive luck from me and reaching 3xx section with a very low stack. I can't handle Death 300+ speeds.
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  5. 174. looking forward to making more attempts, i can feel 20g trying to click in my head
    also yay, a PB!
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  6. Got a 499 last night. Didn't get a screenshot unfortunately. Gonna keep going for that 500!

    EDIT: Never mind, got the 500 within 2 tries today!

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  7. [​IMG]
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  8. Hello to my tetris fellows.


  9. Screen Shot 2019-03-27 at 6.42.19 PM.png
    WOW a whole 7 more of em, babey
    GM here i come lol
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  10. [​IMG]
    80 level PB :D
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  11. [​IMG]

    Well, no M rank, but at least I hit 500, on stick no less. Starting to shake of the rust off my ARS 20G play, and more importantly, my instincts for reacting at higher speeds...

    I'm still of the mind that the way to go is manual lock through 300-399, then use 400-499 as the transition section to try to stop manual locking (during a comfortable period), trying to maintain a low stack and avoid misdrops to clear the torikan comfortably. I found in the past that this offers me a good chance to clear the torikan while also providing a nice transition into 500+ speed. Of course that only works if your no-manual-lock timing and reactions are on point, which right now isn't the case...
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  12. 456

    won't do best: sold my arcade cab and my pcb last year and on top on not having played tgm for one year, I've been into tetris 99 since day one so I don't understand ARS anymore lol
    Actually 456 isn't bad on my crappy laptop with my crappy joystick :p
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  13. Finally something worth a video: 463@03:48:71

    Not quite a PB but improves upon my last years score.
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  14. There was...a slight improvement. My brain still stops functioning after that speed hike, though.
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  15. About 30 levels off my PB, I feel like this is a good first submission. Still hoping to get a PB during carnival. (video)

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    From my submissions to the Carnival of Death thread: 386 --> 477
    COD 477.png
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  17. Not quite my PB, but not too bad considering for how long I haven't played TGM lately.
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  18. Gave it another try this evening and got a 499
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  19. 520.png
    Over 100 levels off my pb but I don't really have too much time for attempts this week
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  20. unknown.png I just tried. I'm still trash at fast paced modes like Shirase and T.A. Death

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