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Are you ready to DIE

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  1. [​IMG]

    Haven't had a deep run yet, probably because I refuse to slow down.
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  2. 0003.png
    a whoppin' 4 more on the death toll babeyyyy
  3. PB by 52 levels. I enjoy dying and being dead

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  4. [​IMG]
    Best result from my first string of games. Close, but lost control at the end...probably would have broken the Torikan as well.
    My ARS is rusty! I've been taking a detour from TGM to mess around in Tetris 99, but coming back to 20G ARS feels great despite the rust, like coming home...
    I'll aim to at least put down an M rank later this week. GM, though, I don't think I'm ready for. There was a period when I felt much more confident at Death 500 speeds, but I've gotta get back into shape before I can feel that way again :)
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  5. Shiromino - G2 Death

    Arcorann - 213 - 2:07:08

    Replay and image may be posted later (once I find them).

    Also, is Carnival of Derp running this year?
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  6. Oh everyone, this is the 10th year this has been running no? That's pretty insane!
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  7. 374 for now.

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  8. GM @ 6:14:00

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  9. Made this account just to say I can't ARS

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  10. Well whether you can or you can't, your contribution took us over 10k. Good work!
  11. Improvement! 320 --> 386
    COD 386.png
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  12. Hoping to get past 300 this week
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  13. [​IMG]
    "I cannot play ARS properly." (Mid February)
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  14. ohhhh no this would have been such a PB
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  15. The input delay in ARS rules in nullpomino makes things a lot more difficult. I'd suggest shiromino or shmupmame or even texmaster instead.
  16. pretty sure that's a pb :o (307 -> 347)

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  17. Shiromino - G2 Death

    Arcorann - 251 - 2:25:48

    274 - 2:35:56

    PB in terms of levels cleared. Still working out how to take screenshots.
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  18. Update - 404@3:37:90

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  19. M G2 DEATH 0-564 03:44:55 2019.03.27

    good to see all the shiromino runs o/
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