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Thread in 'Hardware' started by EnchantressOfNumbers, 15 Jan 2016.

  1. I've been wanting to improve my video quality both to my TV and to my capture card because I like that kind of thing. My current setup is using S-Video for both capture (with a StarTech USB3HDCAP) and to my TV. I'm using a Pana Custom supergun that has an 8-pin din connection and I found this wire chart to convert that to SCART:


    My TV is a Sony PVM and it has BNC connections for RGB + Sync. I figure that should be easy enough to get from the 8-pin din.

    I'm also interested in changing to a VGA capture and am unsure how to go about that. I did some searching and found this thread where @Muf had this to say:

    The thing that has me unsure about it is the VGA pinout has Pin 13 for H-Sync and Pin 14 for V-Sync, but the chart above only has the JAMMA sync going to H-Sync. Is that okay? Would doing that allow me to use a VGA to BNC Breakout Cable and just ignore the V-Sync cable?

    I also found this page about converting from VGA to RGB + Sync, but the circuit diagram there shows going from VGA to RGB + Sync and not the other way around, would this circuit work in reverse?

    Is this all more trouble than it's worth? Would I be better to split the signal from the 8-pin din and have the RGB + Sync and VGA carried separately from there instead of converting to VGA, splitting with a passive VGA splitter, and then using a breakout cable as mentioned above?
  2. Muf


    If your TV doesn't support RGB, just go from the 8-pin DIN straight to VGA, no splitters needed. Just map the source pins on the DIN (6,7,8,4,2) to the destination pins on VGA (1,2,3,13,6-7-8-10). SCART and VGA have the same RGB signal levels (the resistors/pots to bring down the levels from JAMMA level are contained in your pana supergun), and it's a de facto standard that composite sync (H+V sync combined in a single signal) can be carried over the H sync pin of VGA, either lifting or grounding the V sync pin.
  3. My TV does support RGB (pdf documentation link). So, if I just send the DIN sync to the VGA pin 13, would that breakout cable I linked previously work for my tv?

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