VEGA Lock-in (London)

Thread in 'Locations & Events' started by Archina, 22 Jun 2016.

  1. I'm going to London tomorrow morning, so if someone can bring his PCBs, please tell me before.
    I'd like to know the exact times and details of the lock-in too ^^
  2. There's actually a reasonable chance I could make this one from early afternoon Sat -> Sun, if there's room for late joiners? :D
  3. I messaged VEGA on Twitter about it like a week and a half ago and no response. Gave them the heads-up about the message on Saturday via Facebook which they saw but so far still no response. Just texted Josh about it. If I don't get anything back soon I'll ring him.
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  4. I'll be taking only my TAP PCB with me, if someone can bring TGM1, it would be nice :)
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  5. Got it. Planning on getting my TGM1 baby then!
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  6. josh won't answer the phone :V
    i'll keep trying
  7. VEGA staff were at Gamescom for two weeks which is why I've not heard from them. They asked me for more info and I gave it them. Should hear something from them tomorrow.
    Sorry this is coming so close to the actual date, but what can you do?
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  8. To be fair we probably could have nailed it down like 6-8 weeks ago, we just sucked at being definite about anything :p
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  9. Welp, in the end the lock-in never happened but we sure as hell weren't going to let that stop us!

    In the end we stayed with Tomek and set up a nice little TGM/TAP set-up and got so hooked we didn't even bother with VEGA the final day. We also went down town for some food and had [insert Qlex's image here]. It got a bit hectic in the end as we were pushing our time together until the last minute so Qlex and I only 'just' made it to our ways out of London. overall it was pretty fun though. I'd definitely be up for doing it again some time.

    Also, tfw you give Qlex a PS2 controller and he beats your T.A. Death PB by a good hundred levels.
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  10. Would be keen doing it again but tbh I'm easily making the least effort out of anyone :p

    Also would still be up for actually doing a lock-in at VEGA though would definitely want the toilet situation clearing up if I'm going to stay a night there.
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  11. Speaking of which, Rosti did you start dancing on the train last night? <3
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  12. You mean this? [​IMG]
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  13. yeah sorry the lock-in couldn't happen this time, perhaps we can try again later in the year (i have the last week of october off school, so then maybe? ;))
    glad you all had a good time though
    maybe one day a meetup will go 100% as planned :p
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  14. I think the best option is to work things out the same way it gets done for the TC Eindhoven meets. Namely:

    1) Establish who would be bringing key bits of kit and therefore has to be there
    2) Find a date that works for those people
    3) Announce that date to everyone else with enough notice and accept it's unfortunate for anyone else who can't reschedule stuff to make it on that day.

    Otherwise you end up with the issue this time of nothing really working for everyone and it just kind of ends up in limbo for ages because there's no obvious right choice of date.
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  15. Just dropping some extra few words, but it's been super enjoyable. Thanks to everyone for having made this meetup great. Now I want to play even more TGM!
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