VEGA Lock-in (London)

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  1. That's the thing. And of course accomodations, etc. There's probably some hidden fees as well, though I did search using a service that should account for all of those.

    It's Luton btw.
  2. Luton - King's Cross is something like £10 off-peak.
  3. Yeah, Luton is probably the next easiest airport transport-wise after Stansted and London City (though all flights to/from City are super expensive). Has direct trains to St Pancras that are pretty fast.

    Presumably accommodation wouldn't be required if you're sleeping in the lock-in?
  4. Would require me to go home early Sunday though, instead of staying as long as stuff goes on.
    Is the date set on 26-28?
  5. It's likely, but I still need to ask dad when he gets home later and also ask VEGA if those dates are fine.
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  6. Dad said we only have one weekend available which is not the 26th-28th, unfortunately.
    Hopefully on the 26th-28th we're free on the Saturday and not the Friday because then I would actually be able to make use of the lock-in and be there longer.
  7. I can't do the 26-28th. We're free on the Saturday but not the Sunday (???) so I can't go for the lock-in.
    We do have the 12-14th free but I think dad said something about going out on the 14th so I don't know.
    It's up to you guys, I probably won't be able to make this one.
  8. Have you asked your parents about coming back home very early on Sunday morning ?
    (You would take a train at 5:30 or 6:00 AM)
  9. My plans that were on the 12-14th have moved to the weekend after. Still not completely free for the 12/13/14th but could probably squeeze something in. Bank holiday weekend I'm still good for though.
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  10. I'll be in London on the 26th-28th anyway as I've already booked my eurostar tickets.
    So if there will be something happening, I can be there.
    On the 12-14th there is no possibility for me to come to London as I'll still be in Poland.
  11. Well I think I just found another reason for me to pop up on the 26-28th weekend.
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  12. Maybe we could organize something on our own on the 26-28th if someone is interested ?
  13. I thought the main date was 26th-28th?
  14. Well BBQTurkeyzZ said he's not available and I don't know if someone else is in touch with VEGA so that the lock-in can happen.
  15. Even though I won't be going, the main date will be the 26-28th. I'll get in touch with VEGA as soon as I can but before that I need some info from people - Josh said that I should inform him of any health issues people might have ahead of the event just in case, so people will need to tell me those if you have them. I'll most likely also need full names since they asked everyone to bring ID to the event so please DM me with this information so I can tell VEGA what's happening.
  16. I'm still down to come for some of it, probably not the whole weekend though. Pretty sure you've already got my name from FB, but if not give me a buzz on Discord or something.
  17. Right, seeing as the lock-in is now less than a week away, could we know what gear people are bringing (Outside the obvious stuff such as sleeping bags) so we all know what to/not to bring. Mostly saying this as if people aren't bringing TGM PCBs then I'll happily bring mine yet just remember that the earliest I can arrive is Saturday evening.
  18. I can bring my PCBs (TGM1 & TAP) but if it's not a big trouble for you to bring those, I'd prefer to leave my PCBs at home. I haven't figured out a way to take these to London with me yet :D
  19. I got my tickets. Going from Saturday 3pm to Sunday 6pm. I got my phone and whatnot. If you need anything you can talk to me via Discord Skype Facebook Twitter whatevs!
  20. I'll probably be there Saturday afternoon/evening then. Got stuff to do on Sunday so probably won't be leaving too late.

    Would be nice to get some more info and confirmation about the lock-in and times and such.

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