VEGA Lock-in (London)

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    6 years ago I rode the train for 500km to Strasbourg carrying this:


    All together plus sleeping gear:

    Coincidentally, that's why we don't hold meetings in Strasbourg anymore. :p
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  4. I would do that except I only have one bag and I wouldn't be able to carry a TV if I used any travel cases for other stuff.

    Anyway, could we start looking at a definitive date that'd fit most people please? There's not much point in organising all this stuff for me if everyone's best dates are later into the month as I wouldn't be able to come then.
  5. Yeah I think the same, everyone has a different date that suits him so it would be good to decide on a date so people can know if they'll be there or not.
  6. I don't think we have a table at VEGA, but I'll ask around to see if there's a trestle table or something we could source. I've got a plastic one that I could bring, but I'm not confident putting CRTs on it (also because I'd have to lug it across London twice, and I'd rather stab myself)
  7. I'll have to ask dad about dates when he gets home. Theoretically I should be fine all month though I'm not 100% on that.
    For me, the weekend of 19/20/21 would be best considering that's my birthday and we won't be doing anything however I'd rather cater to having more people there as opposed to going just for the sake of it being my birthday.
  8. Ok so if I recap (using the infos in this thread):
    @BBQTurkeyzZ anytime (but not 100% sure about that)
    @Qlex anytime
    @Rosti LFC 19-21st and 26-28th
    @Archina 5-7th and 12-14th (some possibility to be there for a few hours on the 26th-28th)
    @Tomek 26-28th

    If I forgot anyone, please tell me so I can add you to the list.
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  9. I might take the weekend of mid august off for something else (13-15) so I might not come then, but any other weekend is fine
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  10. So by the looks of things then it seems my dates will clash with everyone else's a bit too much as mine aren't flexible at all so I think I may have to drop out on this one. Other than that it seems the 26th-28th is a pretty solid date for everyone else.
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  11. awww
    @Qlex can you bring your TAP pls thx
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  12. I can bring mine also :p
  13. So to kind of clarify and summarise what seems to have been stated so far across multiple threads:

    - Date TBC but likely to be one of the last two weekends in August
    - Bring ID
    - Report any "health issues" ahead of the event
    - Cost around £10/person
    - All games on freeplay
    - Food and drink welcome, but nothing alcoholic
    - BYO sleeping equipment if you plan on sleeping
    - Cab swaps are fine during the lock-in but there are only two sit-down JAMMA cabs (are there standing JAMMA cabs that have joystick/buttons?)

    That all still correct?

    Any guidance on what the start/end times are likely to be? It'd help for looking into trains and such. What are the general sanitation/toilet facilities on-site? (and if there's a lock involved, Qlex is barred from ever having the key...) In terms of a lock-in, presumably we can still physically leave during the night for fresh air, stretching legs, going home early etc?

    Definitely no booze allowed? I could definitely see not wanting things to get drunk and rowdy but I'd have otherwise thought a couple of beers would be OK - though I can go one night without alcohol if that's the rule :p
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  14. Just show up whenever on the Friday, leave whenever on the Sunday. I'd assume the actual lock-in parts would last from usual closure to usual opening of the arcade itself.
    I don't think there are any at VEGA itself. Not sure about what we'll do when all the surrounding places that do (the Wetherspoons next door but one etc) close.
    I don't see why not. Presumably either some member of staff will be there to supervise/fix anything if anything goes wrong and won't object to opening the door for a couple minutes or we'll be left with a key or something and be trusted to hopefully not destroy everything while they're gone. Just locking the door and leaving us there to fester from 11pm-10am wouldn't really be a great idea lmao
  15. So I've had a little bit more of a look in times I could join and it seems at this point my best bet (assuming it's on the 26th-28th) would be that I may be able to get there by late-Saturday (work->shower->train to London if there is one) and leave at the latest convenient time on the Sunday so I could at least be there for ~1/2 of the lock-in.
  16. weekend restored. I'll be available for every weekend of August!
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  17. @BBQTurkeyzZ Have you checked with your parents and VEGA's staff on which weekend you'll be doing this ?
    I'd like to book my eurostar tickets early if it's when I can be there because it's cheaper now ;)
  18. uh sorry I haven't had chance to ask properly, I'll get to it ASAP
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  19. Just for the hell of it, I checked what a weekend return trip to London would cost me.... $21 with Ryanair.
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  20. Man that's cheap - even for Ryanair. Unless it's to Stansted you'll probably pay more than that in trains just getting between the airport and VEGA :p

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