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  1. I remember this being a thing and it getting attention. Seeing as the presumed date (mid-August) is less than 2 months away I thought I'd bring it back to attention and finalise plans. So, who would want to join, what date do we want to do it for and what can/can't we bring?
  2. I'm keen in theory. Probably wouldn't stay the night because I'm an old git (i.e. I've got a job and something of a sensible sleep schedule to keep up) and the last train to Cambridge is pretty late so it's not too much fuss for me to sleep at home. More than enough there to make it worth the trip if everything is on free play.
  3. I wanted 19th-21st but I'm not sure if I could do it. Dad doesn't want to spend three days in London but on the other hand doesn't want to leave me alone in London for three days
  4. I'm pretty flexible for dates and could stay in London if it were to happen. Though I'd need to know a final date at least a month in advance so I can get things such as work holidays and tickets sorted. I could also bring my TGM/TAP board if people wanted more than just Ti and VEGA would be fine with swapping some of their cabs.
  5. In terms of exact dates, the weekend of 12th-14th is The International 2016 and I've already made plans for that Saturday, though would be free Friday evening. Any other weekend I'm fairly sure I'm free.

    Saturday 6th August I'm already in London for Liverpool v Barcelona, which should be finished around 7pm so could work pretty well for me.
  6. I don't have plans for August, so I'm basically free for any weekend :)
  7. So by the looks of things it seems the 19th-21st is a fairly empty weekend. Though here's a few questions for @BBQTurkeyzZ

    1. By any chance would your dad agree if I was to accompany you as a guardian?

    2. Is there any other way to contact VEGA other than Twitter? I don't tend to use that.
  8. Considering he doesn't know you, I'm not sure. In such a context I think he'd be more happy with Qlex acting as a "guardian" since he's actually met him. If you mean as in during travel there and back then maybe.
    They have a Facebook which they seem to use more than Twitter. Alternatively Josh is on Discord but he's hardly on it as far as I know.
  9. 19th-21st would be good for me. Weekend of 13/14th I'm totally busy now.

    26/27/28th is a bank holiday weekend - more likely people have other plans, but I'd be more inclined to stay the whole night given I won't have work on the Monday after.
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  10. 26/27/28th is Ok for me, but 19/21st I have to stay in Paris :/
  11. Hey folks, someone linked this thread to me indirectly, and I noted that you're after a way to contact us, so I thought it'd be a good idea for me to register here to make things a little more direct. Whilst I'm not staff at VEGA (as Josh and al2k4 are), I do a fair amount of work with them on the rhythm side of things, and can answer most questions that you've got (and forward any that I don't have the answer to directly on to them).

    If you end up having this lockin, I'll probably make the effort to come up and meet you all (unless it does end up being the weekend of the 20th, can't make that one) - it's nice to see some fresh faces that aren't rhythm gamers from time to time!

    By the way, you're free to bring pretty much anything, as long as it's not alcoholic - I'd strongly suggest a decent blanket or other such sleeping supplies, and definitely some earplugs if you can't sleep in loud rooms. The floor isn't comfortable to sleep on, trust me! I'm sure swapping boards on our other cab will be fine during the night, but possibly not during the day (I can ask about that though if you'd like).

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  12. If we can swap boards, it would be nice if someone could bring TGM1 and TAP PCBs. If no one that comes to the lock-in has the possibility to do that, I could bring mine (I have both) but of course only if it's on the weekend I can come.
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  13. The 26th might be my results day, I'll have to check. Should be fine for later in the day/27th/28th but if we did that weekend I'd be there later on the Friday.
    @luaduck - where have they moved the Ti/Puzzle Bobble cabs to now that Jubeat and Reflec Beat are there? Curious since Ti was in a fairly annoying place last time (since the DDR was angled on the corner, playing on the left side of the cab while someone else was playing on the right was very squashed and uncomfortable. At one point someone playing DDR hit me on the head lmao)
  14. We moved them to the left of the change machine, next to the pool table. Still not quite sure if that's where we're going to leave them because of the proximity to the aforementioned table, but it seems to work quite well from what I've seen (nobody's received a pool cue to the back of the head (yet)).
  15. Right, so I've had a look at the calendar at work and I can take either the first (1st-7th) if I'm quick or second (8th-14th) week off for the lock-in so it seems that could cause problems. The rest of the weeks for August have already been booked and our shop would not be able to survive with more than one person off at once.

    Also @luaduck I know this is quite the request but would it be possible to change the cab Ti is running on? For higher level play it'd be much better on a CRT (The faster it gets, the more annoying the increased input lag from the LCD would become and at it's fastest speeds you're playing the game frame-by-frame.) and the cab itself really didn't feel like a 2-player one as even with two slimmer people playing it felt pretty cramped. So cramped that I actually couldn't play properly on the right-hand side if someone else was also playing.
  16. Unfortunately the two dinky LCD cabs are the only ones we have that are sitdown jamma. If we had access to an Astro City or similar then the answer would be yes any day of the week, but we're stuck with what we've got. We can probably make both cabs TGM for the weekend if you bring another board, if that's a fair compromise? I'd suggest getting cosy with the person you're playing with otherwise [​IMG] (I can't say I've had major issues with cosiness, but I don't play Tetris at high grade, so can't really comment)
  17. Here's an idea - @luaduck, do you guys have a table or something that we could stick a smallish CRT on? If so, @Archina could bring his supergun and then we could have all three TGM games on at once.
  18. So long as it's a CRT that supports an RGB signal, sure. Right now I can have it support SCART and BNC natively and VGA via a SyncStrike. I can also re-wire my PS2 stick for it if no-one else can bring another NEO-GEO compatible stick.
  19. You have a decently sized Trinitron, right?
  20. I also only have 2 arms so carrying 2 boards, supergun equipment, 2 sticks and a TV would be pretty hard especially since I'd be going via train.

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