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  1. I have the same thought, but to be fair Ti is on freeplay as well so it technically wouldn't hurt them financially any more or less than it would be without.
    I'm literal shit at TAP, so even if it did happen I'd probably still play IIDX between turns.
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    Pretty sure his stance is that he wants people to hang out there having events, more people -> more business.
  3. It's not more business if everyone just uses it as a place to hang out and play their own bootleg stuff rather than the stuff that's actually there.

    Typically I'd work on the principle that playing your own pirated and illegal arcade games in a video game arcade is not cool. If there's explicit permission or say-so from the owner then that's different, but at least ask first rather than just assuming it's OK.
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    From the yelp page, saw it earlier when I was checking it out on the googles. I'm just saying I'd be surprised if he said you can't play tap on a laptop if you asked.
  5. oh shit i forgot they had pool
    @zid 1v1 me at pool
  6. I don't think they'd necessarily say no either, especially if there's a whole group of people crowded around one 2-player machine and it's just something to do in the downtime. It's not like there's a big selection of other stuff either if you're not into rhythm or fighting games (though they have Puzzle Bobble, which is cool). I just think that it's polite to ask permission from someone first before setting stuff up.
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    You're going down.
  8. i know.
  9. Just got the OK from the guy that runs the arcade, so long as it doesn't disrupt the actual arcade space (ie don't set it up on top of a cab or on the pool table)

    In case no one else is I'll bring my stick in my rucksack in case anyone sees this in time and brings their laptop to the meetup :p
  10. if i can find a suitable bag i could bring mine for 2 players
  11. last minute note to say that I'll try to turn up if there's not the wrong kind of rain on the train tracks and I don't get lost on the tube
  12. 12910714_10207009711696154_1502884977_n.jpg
    literally greatest day
    love you all
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  13. back from the Puzzle Bobble meetup. thanks everyone for coming, was great to see everyone and play some games. I got 3rd high score on Puzzle Bobble which I'm pretty happy about


    ps. who's the attractive man on the right, looks familiar
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  14. we got all the Ti records lol
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  15. Me and Ink were talking about having a lock-in meetup at some point in the summer. Basically you bring sleeping gear and stay over for a night and they leave every game on freeplay all night for like £10/person.
    Anyone up for that?
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  16. Victory Pointe was considering doing the same thing. The city of Pittsburgh forces them to close their doors at midnight but there's no regulation on what they do after that. I hope you guys do it, it sounds like a blast.
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  18. Too early for me to decide but for now I'm leaning yes.
  19. Same, considering it at the moment :)
  20. I planned to go visit my family in London this summer, so I'm interested ;)
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