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Thread in 'Locations & Events' started by Oliver, 14 Mar 2016.

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  2. Great!
    I'm no expert on how the train system works but I'm pretty sure having it on a bank holiday makes it a bit cheaper as no commuters.
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    I think you can guess which day is which lol
    Keep in mind these are both adult singles, will cost about £70 for me and dad to get there and back
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  4. Those are also advance fares, which are magical and relatively independent of how much regular single (or return) train fares actually cost :p

    But yeah TheFinalhazard is right - if you were trying to get into London for 9am on a regular weekday it'd be a peak train and non-advance tickets for that are stupid expensive (as in well over £100 return). AFAIK bank holidays are off-peak or super-off-peak all day.

    I'll probably end up making a fairly late decision as to whether I come or not, but currently planning to see you guys there. Maybe not quite as early as 9:30am though!
  5. Dad said something about making it a full day; setting off super early, having breakfast there, etc. Perhaps for lunch we could all go to a restaurant or something? That could be cool.
  6. Bought my shit. Arriving on Sunday evening, leaving on Tuesday evening. Meeting a friend in between. Get hype.
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    Get fucking hyped.
    I couldn't find listings for St. Pancras by itself so it has stuff on there relating to walking to King's Cross which makes it needlessly confusing, but they're ordered nonetheless.
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  8. To be fair you're going to walk past King's X from St Pancras to get to the arcade. That said 16 minutes is a bit generous for the journey on foot - it's literally just crossing a road :p
  9. I guess so lol
    Are you definitely coming @Rosti LFC?
  10. I'd say most likely, especially if things aren't planning on going right through the whole day. Not really expecting any other thingsto come up but I've had a few clashes recently for social things I've totally forgotten about and double-booked.
  11. I'm not sorry.

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  12. i can't breathe
    also i have that flyer as a poster

    fyi time is whenever, VEGA opens at 10:00 and me and dad arrive at 10:30 so we'll be there at like 11 at the latest depending on if we get breakfast before or after train
    our train leaves at 18:25 so we should leave at like 18:00
    so we have alllll day minus lunch

    also to say it again we should all totally go out for lunch together
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  13. also not sorry

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  14. Yes
  15. I'm out of the country for this, hopefully I can catch the next one :D
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  16. There is a smaller one planned for the 16th of April that I'll be attending. I'd be at both yet work comes first.
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  17. Interesting, I think I'm actually at a wedding in London that weekend, I had planned to try and stop in briefly on the Sunday if possible; either that or duck out of the wedding briefly and be particularly well dressed arcade goer :D.
  18. Probably not going to be coming this Monday any more, on account of a friend emigrating to Australia on Wednesday and deciding that Monday bank holiday would be a great choice of day for his leaving do. That said there's no decided time yet and it might be evening so who knows.

    Either way I'll still be down on the 16th.
  19. Thought occurred to me, if someone can bring along a laptop with some MAMEry loaded onto it, I'll bring along my stick. It's a Qanba Q1 with a JLF installed in it, it's got clamps so it can be set up on a table somewhere in the venue for people waiting a turn or who want to play TAP and stuff.

    -Lavender / Ink
  20. I'm not exactly sure what VEGA would say to that. Seeing as you'd be bringing in a machine with the intent of playing their games with other 'customers' for free.

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