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    VEGA London
    9 Islington High Street
    London N1 9LQ

    I'm making a thread for this because we're having meetups and I guess we should have somewhere other than IRC to discuss in (since not everyone can be logged in to IRC all the time)

    Possibly the only arcade in Europe with TGM3, VEGA is a small place in Islington that has a few cool games in it, IIDX PENDUAL and of course Ti, which also makes it the only arcade in the UK with a IIDX if I'm not mistaken.

    TGM3 is on freeplay right now (or can be set to freeplay at meetups? not sure) thanks to some very generous donations by @inkdweller. Otherwise it's 50p/2 credits.

    We've been planning a couple meetups over the last month or so:
    28th March; me, dad and a few others will be there pretty much all day I imagine. Couldn't go to the one on April 16th so I organised another lol
    Also, Rosti is coming to London on the 16th April and is going to VEGA so stuff is happening then too.
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  2. If it ends up being on Monday 28th then I could probably be there given it's a bank holiday (assuming VEGA open bank holidays?). Rest of the week I'm at work though.
  3. There's a fair chance it'll be at the weekend as that's when Qlex can come (and my dad's off work). Monday could also work, however, as I think dad's off then too. Not sure of Qlex's situation there.
  4. If it's Easter weekend then I'm both free and my missus is away visiting family, so I'll definitely be able to pop down (though imagine everything is shut Easter Sunday). If it's the weekend after then is a possibility but slightly less likely.
  5. I don't think I'd be able to do the Easter weekend, so yeah I meant the weekend after.
  7. Unfortunately I won't be able to go as I've already arranged to have a week off in April and the weekend after easter (2nd/3rd April) has already been taken.
  8. I would like to go, but its probably going to be too expensive :\
    Plane tickets are 30 euros (return flight), so that's not too bad, but the train from Stansted airport to London (and back) is 32 pounds O_O
  9. I'll consider it. Had my sights set on the first weekend of April but I'll look at it :)
  10. I won't be able to do the weekend (Saturday we're working and Sunday is Sunday)
  11. Hey there! First post I guess, been lurking for a while.

    Just posting to see if this is still probably gonna happen and when, I could probably make it in the coming weeks around Easter if everything goes right.
  12. I'm waiting on a date from @Qlex at the moment. Will most definitely be somewhere between the 29th and the 1st (Tues-Fri) since Monday is a bank holiday and I expect things will be harder for me and dad (we live in Chesterfield which is about 150 miles north of London) and on Saturday me and dad are working.
  13. Thanks for the summary, I'm also pretty far north so there may be some extra effort but as long as everything else aligns tue-friday seems possible.
  14. March 28th? Anything else could be possible but hard to consider as it's in the midst of a somewhat crunchy week
  15. The Monday is a bit weird because it's Easter Monday which means it's a bank holiday. For people who don't know what that is, basically it just means people are off work and pretty much everything closes. I don't think VEGA will close, but we'll need feeding at some point and considering neither me or dad have been to London, we won't know anywhere to go which will be open and it just makes everything more of a hassle. Dad told me to try Tuesday.
  16. I'd expect pretty much everywhere would still be open on Easter Monday - it's London, not some rural village where all the food and retail outlets are family businesses. My main worry would be that VEGA would be shut. Trains also will probably be on Sunday service and so less frequent as well.

    Easter Sunday I'd expect the majority of things to be closed, because it's a national holiday on a par with Christmas Day, but most chain restaurants and shops tend to open on regular Bank Holidays just because it's good business and they can afford to pay staff overtime for the hours.
  17. Huh. Like I said neither of us have been so we had no idea what it'd be like there. I'll ask VEGA if they're open and get back to dad.
  18. I asked March 29th as a day off, should work in both cases :)
  19. Dad will most likely stick with Tuesday, though I'll ask him about the Monday when he gets back. If you still get the 29th off @Qlex you should try and come up here and hang or something ;)
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  20. pls

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