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  1. So we're using vBulletin, as opposed to phpbb on the old TC. Please use this thread to mention anything different that annoys you about the new forum. It's very customisable so we can probably things people don't like.

    Personally I think the smilies are really lame, and wouldn't mind seeing the phpbb ones returning. Anyone else agree?

    Also I'm getting issues with "new posts" being displayed on the main page. It seems I have to specifically visit each forum after there are no new posts, and then visit the main page, before it tells me there are no new posts. Alternatively I can click "mark all posts as read". By contrast, with phpbb this always just worked without any extra effort on my part. Has anyone else had a similar experience?
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    I think the read-vs-unread thing may be related to caches. Allowing browsers to cache a little bit speeds up browsing, but then you get little things like this. In contrast I can force your browser to check for updates on every single hit and you have to suffer the performance penalties that go with it.

    My suggestion: allow caching for maybe 5 minutes? Enough to let users jump around quickly, yet data will not be out-of-date for very long.

    Alternatively, hold SHIFT (?) when pressing reload to force the browser cache to be discarded and reload everything. Make sure that consistently fixes the problem.
  3. I think it just shows you forums with new posts since your last visit (session). You can visit each forum containing new posts to mark them as read, or you can ignore it, log out... and the next time you log in it will only show forums that had new posts since your last logout time.

    If this is really the way it works, I think it is fine. You don't actually have to go to every forum thread.
  4. I like everything so far, but I agree that the smilies are lame. However I didn't really enjoy the phpbb ones either.
    In my opinion invision has the best set of smilies.
  5. About smilies: I like punbb one. Invision's one are okay.

    Apart from that, is there any javascript wizard that could port fumen in the forum ?
  6. I definitely don't read every thread. But if, for example, I'm maintaining a leaderboard, and the "new post" status goes away after I visit the forum without enough time to update, I'm likely to forget to update on my next visit. So basically it would stop me from visiting at all unless I had lots of free time.
  7. I'm sort of obsessive compulsive, so I actually _do_ have to click every thread and make sure the green goes away. I find the way things are set up right now sort of frustrating. I expect the status to change right when I click something, but I must instead perform some arcane rituals to make everything right.
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    I like the fumen idea. It doesn't even need to be part of the forum - we could turn it into an iFrame (no relation to Apple) pretty easily and have fumen instances as their own virtual page.
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  10. Sweet.

    That is ridiulously awesome.
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    holy shit kitaru, your avatar, is it one of your attempts ??
    If I well understand, you can only complete and cover the GM hole with a Z, so if you would have received at the end Z, L instead of L, Z you would be secret GM!!
  12. I'm starting to love vBulletin. It was option 1 by default, but now I've switched it to 3 which should be like the way phpbb worked. Hopefully the processor intensiveness difference is not significant.
  13. My signature permissions don't seem to indicate that it's possible for me to have images in my signature, but I see one in yours...o_o
  14. Oh, everyone can. It's slightly unintuitive, but it's not so bad. Go to the edit signature screen, then select a picture, then edit your sig to include that picture (it isn't automatically inserted).
  15. don't see anywhere to select a picture.

  16. What just happened to the forum? The "Posts: " box disappeared below each users avatar.
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    It was never supposed to be there; PetitPrince introduced a new forum skin that accidentally still displayed the post count. You can read here why.
  18. Okay, that's fine but there's still an empty div which used to contain the post count, it look's bad.

    EDIT: Just when I posted that, you fixed it. :p
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