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Thread in 'Discussion' started by caffeine, 4 Mar 2009.

  1. auto balancing on tf is based on win streak. it affects how messy garbage players get and how often they are targeted by others. i don't know about tetris ds.
  2. It wasn't obvious to me. I'd want to see disassembly or at least some statistics. How strongly correlated do you propose rating is with frequency of changing the hole?
  3. I don't think it's extremely strong, because I think it's only really noticeable when you've got a gap in the region of 1000+ rating points. I also think it's increased the further away from 5000 you get, but that's purely speculation because I didn't play that many games below the 7000 level.
  4. Zaphod77

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    My experience with tetris DS is that my garbage neatness has been all OVER the place regardless of rank, as one would expect with true random chances of hole change.
  5. I'm going to start playing nullpomino. I hope the people that play that aren't as good as you guys...
  6. Got on nullpomino, and there was no one there to play against. I already admit it's much better than tetrisfriends. When I buy an xbox360 I will definitely check out tetris splash.
  7. Yeah, the unfortunate truth of being a niche, unofficial game is that the player base isn't super developed. We have scheduled weekly tourneys Saturday @ 6pm Pacific where you can count on people being active, but it is hit or miss on weekdays.

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