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  1. Try a keyboard (properly, as in for more than ten minutes). You'll be tons faster once you get used to it, I guarantee.
  2. There are achievements up. So far only one it looks, by just getting 2000 lines in Marathon within a week.
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    hey i know this probably sounds really dumb but how d'you get back the things you've put on hold!?
  5. You mean how do you take a tetromino out of the hold box after you've put it in there?

    You don't. You just have to drop it somewhere.
  6. Now that someone else has bumped it I feel it's less weird to announce I'm playing this again.

    If you faff to get the rubies to unlock DAS and IRS etc then it's actually fairly decent, just with SRS.
  7. To clarify, you get one Hold swap per piece. If you accidentally swap when you hadn't meant to, you can't bring it back out until you place the current piece.
  8. so apparently they have live battles now and i didn't even know this till tonight

    also there are some weird people in chat
  9. m:)


    lol, they released that in.. August..

    yeah the chat makes me feel like an old man.
  10. I love this form of tetris! It's the only way i've ever played!

    my name on it is the same as this forum: mariowinsall
  11. It's funny how both of those sentences relate to each other so well :rolleyes:
  12. Yeah...
    So what are some other titles you would recommend? I like going against other people instead of playing for the high score.
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    Hi I'm Randy! I'm a bandicoot! I live in a backyard!
  14. Nullpomino, a fan game, currently has the best set of features. It is an open-source program in active development, so it is only going to get better in time. It offers a wide variety of customization options right off the bat, without any need to earn in-game currency as in Tetris Friends and Tetris Online Japan. Versus rooms themselves are also more customizable, and feature options such as toggles for back-to-back bonus, combo bonus, rewards for t-spins or all spins, and so on. One of the detractors is that it has less of an installed player base as a niche fan game. However, there are some great opportunities to get some matches in, such as the on-going Nullpomino Weeklies tournaments being hosted every week on Saturday at 6pm Pacific.

    Tetris Online Japan used to be a pretty good option as well, but it sounds like it has been going downhill as of late. Some of the gameplay features themselves are a bit more refined than those in Tetris Friends, but they recently disabled the ability for free members to earn the in-game points necessary to earn upgrades. I guess they want people to start paying for the game. :/ The horizontal movement speed upgrades also aren't as nice as those in TF, but there were also upgrades for soft drop and line clear speed.

    Tetris Splash for the Xbox 360 is still one of my favorites. The movement speed settings are pretty well-tuned, and the versus gameplay is really solid. It is basically TOJ without Combo Blocking and better overall speed settings. Another thing about it that I find kind of interesting is that the speed level increases over the course of a match. When the player hits a level up, the gravity -- and in turn, the soft drop speed -- increases. What I find kind of neat about this is that early game t-spins are slightly weak due to the slow soft drop speed, but mid-/late- game t-spins become more effective.

    Tetris Friends has been shaping up as of late with its now messier garbage and their attempts to limit player stalling through infinite rotation loops, but it still has a few things that I don't think they have addressed:

    One thing a lot of people have problems with is that Flash is pretty heavy and leads to performance issues. You're lucky if the game is pushing a solid 30 frames per second.

    In terms of gameplay, one of the most decried features is the behind-the-scenes auto-handicapping that happens in non-Expert settings rooms. In non-Expert/Expert+ rooms, garbage randomness is adjusted so that players of lesser skill still have a chance. In reality, they probably should have just tuned their rating system so that players of very disparate skill levels don't have to play each other, outside of perhaps Free rooms where rating is not taken into account.

    I also don't think they've resolved one of the garbage oddities yet. Whereas TOJ and Nullpomino (and I believe Splash as well) randomize the garbage hole on each segment of garbage sent, -- say, a tetris and a t-spin are separate segment entries -- TF has exhibited behavior that indicates that it randomizes on piece placement. If you have a lot of pending garbage and place a piece, it is very likely that the overall add is going to be very straight instead of being broken up into discrete chunks.

    Another complaint I hear from time to time is that some speed settings are still too slow, even in Expert+. Soft drop could probably stand to be a bit faster, for example.

    Another place that some people still play is Blockbox. It seems to have stagnated a bit since active development has ceased. There are a few little bugs that cropped up that probably won't get fixed any time soon -- things like the movement filter settings displaying as random strings instead of "4-way," "8-way," and "Modded 8-way," and one or two people having to turn of graphics card acceleration to avoid graphics bugs. It also runs smoother than Tetris Friends in general, but some players still suffer from lag problems. (It is still a browser game, after all.) Overall though, Blockbox still offers a lot of great features. Rotation rule selection, movement speed configuration, Rated and Custom versus rooms, and more.
  15. Tetris Splash is the best multiplayer tetris in my opinion. Lots of fun to be had there.
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    Tetris DS did this and nobody complained about it, so it's probably just a bad/unbalanced implementation of garbage handicapping in Tetris Friends.
  17. What? I don't think so. Auto-handicapping, not manual.
  18. I think he's talking about messier garbage for people who had higher ratings. But that wasn't noticeable over the course of a single match, but rather over 1000 or 1500 rating points.
  19. Why are people stating that as if it's fact? I don't think it was ever proven.
  20. Why does it need to be proven (and what would 'proving' it entail anyway)? It was pretty damn obvious if you played it enough. You'd definitely get messier garbage with a 7500 rating playing against someone who was rated 6500 than someone the same rating as you, and they'd get far cleaner garbage as well

    Though Tetris DS also had a matchmaking system that tended to give you players who were rated pretty closely to you, so it wasn't that much of an issue.

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