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Thread in 'Strategy' started by Ray Ayanami, 28 Mar 2010.

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    I've noticed that some Tetris clones use this control scheme (right down to the lack of a second rotation button), which I will call from here on out as "Up To Rotate".

    And some of the people who use Up To Rotate dare to say that it's faster for them than, say, ZXC/arrows (or ASD/arrows in my case). But why? What's the rationale behind that preference? Especially with the lack of rotating the other way and the two different drops being on different hands for some reason?

    I talked to someone about Up To Rotate, and when I brought up that even NES and Game Boy Tetris have the "movement on one hand, rotation on the other" thing going, their reply was something along the lines of "well we're talking about PC Tetris clones, not console ones". But how does that make enough of a difference that the Up To Rotate scheme (as I will call it from here on out) is better on a PC instead?

    If any of you have friends who like to use Up To Rotate, can you ask them about this? I'd like to hear what they have to say about favoring Up To Rotate over "one hand for rotation and the other for movement."
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  2. Re: Unusual control schemes and their rationale

    The only person I've ever known who liked this config liked because it let her play with one hand. In other words, it's appeal is in a frivolous convenience rather than any speed or gameplay advantage.
  3. Re: Unusual control schemes and their rationale

    That's the only thing I like about it...
  4. Re: Unusual control schemes and their rationale

    On my keyboard, I have my rotate keys set as B, A, C in that order (left shift, z, x). Holdover from playing some emulator games, some of which included Tetris.
    Works for me.
  5. Re: Unusual control schemes and their rationale

    It isn't even a good one-handed setup.
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    I thought this topic would be about keyblox/typomino xP

    The only thing that's good about this layout is that it's not actually that intuitive to have the "up" key drop a piece all the way DOWN.
    Therefore, the solution is to make the up key move a piece upwards :D

    You should also notice that this scheme has movement on right hand as opposed to left. I used to use both; (for example, i used right hand movement for Tetris Attack on computer, but left hand movement for puzzle league on GBA) but have now switched over to predominantly left-hand movement.

    ...well, when I have the option, that is. Sometimes you just have to do what you're forced to. Like in IWBT(F)G. :D

    Getting even MORE tangential here, but sometimes I use right shift to jump in IWBT(F)G when I want to mash Z as quickly as possible to shoot faster if I'm shooting something and jumping at the same time.
  7. Re: Unusual control schemes and their rationale

    In this setup "up" rotates the piece.
    Ah IWBTG good times, you can change your keys there you know... CTRL+Y IIRC and on IWBTFG theres a separate app to change your controls
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    I think you misread that sentence. He was proposing that perhaps having Up move pieces downward wasn't expressly intuitive, which would be about the only good reason to have something else on that key.
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    right. but having up to rotate pieces isn't exactly intuitive either. hence, up should move pieces upward! =P
  10. Re: Unusual control schemes and their rationale

    Up is Hold? (Hi Kevin.) :p
  11. Re: Unusual control schemes and their rationale

    Oh I misunderstood what you were trying to say
  12. Zaphod77

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    Re: Unusual control schemes and their rationale

    I can explain the exact reason for this scheme.

    Original PC tetris was
    with 8 rotating, and 5 hard dropping. There WERE no other controls. there was only one rotate.

    The spectrum holobyte changed it to
    with 5 rotate, and 2 hard dropping. Still only 1 rotate.

    Then someone got the idea to move it to the arrow keys for convenience. however, 5 was missing. so instead, it got shifted up by 1 to the up arrow key. giving an alternate mapping that was usable without the keypad. Still one rotate, still playable one handed.

    Then soft drop was introduced, and hard drop was moved to the space bar, because down for soft drop is more intuitive than space for soft drop. NOw 2 hands are needed if you want to hard drop.

    And it's been grandfathered ever since.
  13. Re: Unusual control schemes and their rationale

    What would you consider to be a good one-handed setup?
  14. Something that gives convenient access to all important game keys. The traditional up-to-rotate config puts hard drop and Hold on another hand. Putting things in the main body of the keyboard gives a player using only one hand better access to keys that can be used for important game keys such as hard drop, Hold, and additional rotations.

    I use CASD QWE and MJKL UIO for Doubles. These are already much better one-handers than up-to-rotate since they put the other rotation keys and both drops close to your fingertips. I'm using S/K as my soft drops and C/M as sonic drops typically, but S/K would make good hard drop keys.

    One could also try cobbling together Maserati's setup with something like the one I've described. You could probably dedicate a finger to left, a finger to up/down for rotations, a finger to right, the thumb for drops, -- space for hard drop, C for sonic or soft drops -- and shift for Hold. I'm not sure how this one would play out, but it could be worth a shot.
  15. I do use the dreaded "Up to rotate." The difference is that I use down to ccw rotate, which means I don't rotate with different hands. Although finesse lovers won't like this, I don't find it as an obstruction to my speed, especially as I can rotate at the same time as moving. (Once I've fully learned das tapback I'll get onto full finesse where I'll have to rotate after moving.) It also means that I can use my left hand for one of 3 things- hard drop, soft drop and hold. So yes it's an Up-to-rotate, but no I don't feel it obstructs my speed or skill.

    Here's my full key config:

    up/down=CW/CCW rotate
  16. tepples

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    I used to use 4 and 6 to shift, 7 and 9 to rotate, 5 for soft drop, and 8 for hard drop, until I became used to console emulators where the rotation buttons ended up bound to Z and X.
  17. A decent one-handed setup would be IJKL: + Space.

    JL: Move L/R
    Space: Rotate CCW (just one button, again)
    I: Hard drop
    K: Soft drop:
    Colon: Hold

    Upsides: Allows you to play hentai Tetris games to their fullest

    Downsides: Only rotates left
  18. how does it let u play hentai games.......
  19. *woosh*
  20. OH, i missed the word TETRIs. coz most hentai games i play only use the mouse.

    ps. i understood the whole one hand thing at the start but i read "hentai games" nd i'm like "tehres no hentai games with those controls" then i read TETRIS HENTAI and i'm like oh.

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