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Thread in 'Strategy' started by MisdropPi, 11 Jan 2019.

  1. How do I unlearn SRS? I play tgm3 on keyboard (X for CCW, Z for CW,C for hold and up on HD), but I want to get into the older tgm (tgm1 and tgm2). I find myself having to swap buttons in MAME. I'm a qualified m3 on world rule, but not even a s1 on classic. Are there any tips you guys would recommend?
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    I'd recommend buying an arcade stick. The hand motions are sufficiently different that you end up basically relearning how to play Tetris from scratch, which removes a lot of the awkward muscle memory confusion that you would otherwise have to deal with when transitioning from SRS to ARS. I would also go through the games in chronological order, as TGM1 is slow enough that you can learn all the little finesse tricks that are much harder to pull off on TAP and Ti, as well as the lack of hold in the first two games.
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    the proper mapping for ARS is leftmost and rightmost button CCW, and middle button CW.

    note that the spawn orientation is also inverted. just stick with it, and don't remap the buttons.eventually it will click, and the tetlag will stop. :)

    also note that original sega arcade tetris (tgm 0 :) ) only has CCW rotation, on all three buttons.

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