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    I am organising a DS meet!!! The meet will take place on Saturday the 25th of October. It is going to coincide with the DSLondon World Record attempt at getting the most amount of DS players simultaneously playing for 5 minutes. (

    Basically there will be 500+ players at the event playing MKDS/Bomberman/Tetris and there is also a Girl Gamers Tournament taking place in the same venue.

    So to recap:
    Event - Tetris Meet-up
    Date and Time - Saturday the 25th of October from 3-5pm
    Venue - 166-220 Holloway Road (two minutes walk from the Northernline tube station), London, N7 8DB
    Who for? - Anyone who wants to come and has a DS!

    If you are coming from outside of London or the UK and would like to come and need a place to stay overnight for free then please pm or call me (0792 048 3882) and I shall arrange for something. Do not let that be a reason not to come! There are no age restrictions.

    If you have any questions please post them and I can update this post as I go along.

    Feel free to post if you are attending so i can keep track of numbers. Also - spread the word to your other friends who has a DS and would like to partake in the world record (which is currently 380 people to beat).
  2. I'm as good as there. Unless there's somewhere I really HAVE to be on that Saturday, I'll be going.

    I knew bringing my DS to University wouldn't be a waste of time [​IMG]

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