UK EASTER II: 15th - 17th APR 2017

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  1. we should be able to fit 4 in the flat just fine, though as tomek said someonell have to bring a sleeping bag or smth
    i dont have a sleeping bag so can i have some form of bed or couch ;v
  2. I still reckon you'd be able to 'comfortably' fit 6 in Tomek's flat. Possibly more if people start pretending they're Tetriminos. :V
  3. IDK if I'll be coming, though if I am I definitely won't be staying the night given it's easier for me to just get a late train home.
  4. For 3 people there is all the stuff needed at the flat (bed, couch, blankets, etc...) so I guess @BBQTurkeyzZ you'll be one of them as you can't bring a sleeping bag.
    For the others, I think another 2 or 3 people should fit but, as said before, they will have to bring stuff to sleep on the floor.
  5. I was going to make a group DM but there's too many of us so I'll have to post this here and DM everyone the address separately
    So, in terms of hardware, I'm bringing
    • TGM1
    • A PVM
    • My supergun etc
    • One stick
    Archina is bringing
    • Ti
    • A PVM
    • His supergun etc
    • One stick
    Qlex is bringing
    • TAP
    • His supergun etc(?)
    • One stick
    Tomek is bringing
    • One stick
    I think that's all we need, right?
    Tomek will be there from Friday night till Tuesday, so the event will take place from Saturday 15th - Monday 17th. Archina has to leave Sunday night so from then till the end of Monday we'll only have TGM1 and TAP. I assume on any other day we'll have TGM1/TAP hooked up to one TV and Ti on the other (while it's there). During the night we'll have to keep it down as it's an old building and people can hear everything lol
    So, first up: do we wanna show up at the flat whenever or meet at VEGA and go from there? Personally I'd like to visit VEGA at some point to play rhythm games but anything is fine.
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  6. I'm pretty sure I got everyone but tell me if I missed you out when sending the address
  7. VEGA might be better i just need to remember where it is but if it's too complicated i don't mind meeting at the flat
  8. VEGA is at 9 Islington High Street, N19LQ
  9. aight thanks i can make it
  10. Can't stay the whole weekend anymore because something cropped up, but trains are booked and I'll be there 11am - 5pm Saturday. Me and Archina are getting the same outward train so if we all meet at VEGA for 11:30 or smth then go from Angel -> Elephant and Castle we should be all set.
  11. Speaking of which, I'm an idiot and forgot the 17th would be a bank holiday. So I can stay until later into Monday. :D
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  12. Okay, with the event over, let's recap!

    • Vega Ti is still just as broken as always. At least the IIDX machine is far away from it this time! The Puzzle Bobble screen is breaking however (saw it go to a black screen twice in one day.)
    • Puzzle Bobble.
    • CCST >>> Every other TGM game (We had TGM1, TAP and Ti yet everyone was more interested in playing CCST than anything else.)
    • "It's bad." -Qlex 2017.
    • Qlex is simply amazing at pouring drinks.
    • CCST tier lists are now a thing.
    • Everyone is now looking for a copy of CCST.
    • A Polish dish can feed a family for an entire week.
    • Qlex is simply AMAZING at pouring drinks.
    • If all else fails, Puzzle Bobble.
    • Tfw your ball's dropped yet you gotta continue.
    • Eriol too stronk.
    • Tomek called to the heavens for purpose and the heavens responded "Red Dress Sakura."
    • A cheeky Nando's is never the wrong answer.
    • For a Tetris community, can anyone actually apply their stacking skills to their suitcases?
    • Secret characters are found. Tier listing intensifies.
    • There is a better kebab in London than "The Best Kebab" (Still not much to talk about, yet it's better!)
    I think that's about it. Though I think now it's time to start theorising. Everyone, get your CCST copies out (and if you don't own one, get one now!) There's a delicious gem here full of weird randomisers, a girl that only knows the first letter of the alphabet, a hilarious VS mode, a to-be tier list for said VS mode and HI, PASTA!
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  13. Last time we were there it was going black temporarily on a regular basis. I think it happened five or six times during our games, so if anything twice in a day is an improvement!

    Glad you guys had fun!
  14. London is over. Haven't had this much fun in a long time!

    Best sights : St Pancras, Elephant and Castle Shopping Centre
    Best interview : It's bad
    Best food : Bigos!
    Good games : Puzzle Bobble, real deal Terror Instinct, The Absolute PLUS, broken Jubeat, broken IIDX
    Best 321 puuuushu : Lavender
    Best game : Card Captor Sakura
    Best dress : Red
    CCS prophet : KPrice45
    CCS support : Archina
    CCS host : Tomek
    CCS organizer : OliverTC``
    CCS unlocker : Yours truly

    Eriol is broken.

    Thank you!
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  15. best disappearing act: Sumez
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  16. i like this idea of me being a "prophet" i feel like i need to set up a temple now
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