UK EASTER II: 15th - 17th APR 2017

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  1. Let's try again, shall we?

    Dates are tentative for now, but most likely it'll be then. Dunno whether it should start Friday or not due to people working so that's why it's the 14th or 15th as the start.

    Due to the fiasco last time (good lord I'm sorry about that), I'm trying to get this locked down super early so it's all sorted in advance.

    The current plan is to use Tomek's parents' flat in London as a base for the meetup if possible. It's small and there's no lift, but it should do since there can't be that many of us. If we can get all three games in, along with maybe a TV for every game, that'd be perfect. I own a PVM and (will own) TGM1, @Archina owns pretty much the same PVM and TAP, and @Qlex can bring his Ti and VGA CRT if he wants, although I dunno how far St. Pancras is from the flat so us all lugging 20kg+ of kit could be an issue if it's far (unless someone wants to drive and pick us up at our respective stations ;)) If we can't use the flat it'll be at VEGA and we'll have to ask them about lock-in arrangements and the ability to play more than just Ti.
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  2. The flat is 10min walk from Borough or Elephant & Castle station (Northern line), 11min from Kings Cross St Pancras by tube ;)
  3. Tbh if carrying heavy stuff I'd be less fussed about the distance or time on the tube as I would be the actual walking distance needed if coming from St Pancras, Euston or Kings Cross. Some of the tube stations in particular for the Kings Cross/St Pancras underground need a fuckton of walking just to get from the rail platform to the tube platform. Half an hour of standing/sitting on a cross-London train with heavy shit is nothing compared to having to walk it all the way through through some of the more sprawling underground stations.

    This early out I can probably guarantee that I can make it. The Ti at VEGA is pretty awful but I'd be keen for a lock-in because of the other stuff on offer (though would definitely want organisation and key questions cleared up a bit more than last time). If it's in Tomek's flat then that seems fine if people are happy to lug all the crap there.
  4. I would totally be in this time, if it's possible to get those dirt cheap London tickets again. Easter is vacation season though, so I doubt there's a good chance of that. It's also very likely something else will come up during easter as that's where everyone has some days off, but hey, I guess there's a chance I can fit it in.
  5. hey dudes whats the situation
  6. I'm up for it :)
  7. My girlfriend would probably kill me, but the tickets seem pretty affordable if I stay until the 19th or so. Would need a place to stay though.
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  8. @Tomek, do we know the situation with the flat?
  9. getting to Elephant & Castle should be easy for me granted i won't really know anybody but i'll be up for this
  10. Hello everyone, I have confirmation that we can use the flat for our meetup.
    However I'd like to point out that the flat is really small and there is room for just 3 persons to sleep. Additional people will have to bring sleeping bags or whatever to sleep on the floor.
  11. @Qlex, you were talking about getting a hotel room, right? We could potentially have two locations for sleeping so we don't overcrowd the flat floor, lol
    In any case, we now need to sort out who's bringing what hardware.
  12. Me and Arch will be bringing all required hardware.
    I'll most likely be there from the Saturday so it'll be the 15th-17th, although I guess we could extend it past the Monday since people will be putting the week in anyway and it'd be easier on @Sumez to stay to the 19th.
    So, if I'm not wrong, we have attending:
    ...and then Arch will be bringing his PCB contraption thingy with TGM1 and TAP in it plus (probably) Ti separately. We'll both be bringing a PVM each (14L3/14L4), with TGM1/TAP running on one (every PCB in his thing connects to the same video output etc and moving them around would be hassle) and Ti on the other. We do need a 4th stick since I only have one and Arch has two but that'll be easy to source (prob qlex).

    We'll probably not have room for absolutely everyone in the flat itself, so we'll most likely have to sort some form of secondary accommodation out. If Qlex gets a hotel room (or the people staying there split costs) then we can have, say, 4 or 5 in the flat and everyone else in the room. (speaking of the flat @Tomek can you PM us the address so we know where we're going pls)
  13. Whoa, hold on. I said I could bring one or the other (The project or Ti. I wouldn't stand a chance bringing both unless I had something that wasn't a train to transport me. Even if I only brought one it'd be a bit of a struggle to lug the project around on-top of the rest as it's about twice the size of the Ti plus equipment. So in regards to what hardware I could bring..
    • Ti or maybe an in-progress project containing TGM1, TAP, Mr. Driller 2 and Mushihime-sama Futari V1.5. (Jamma-compatible equipment included for both.)
    • 1, possibly 2 Jamma-compatible aracde sticks (One with NEO-GEO input, the other with USB & PS2 input with an adaptor to NEO-GEO.)
    • A Sony 14L4 PVM monitor.
    Also, I've booked the week off for the event, yet I'd be back at work the Monday after so I'd have to leave on the Sunday.
  14. Bought a hotel room, arriving on friday night, staying until tuesday, coming and leaving by eurostar
  15. right sorry ignore me
    so if you bring Ti then @Qlex can you bring TAP? i'll bring my TGM1 down
  16. do i need to bring anything? just wanted to ask

    also it feel's weird that everybody is booking hotels for the weekend whereas for me i just have to catch the tube back to my house
  17. since you won't be staying in the flat/hotel room you shouldnt need anything except money for when we go out to eat etc

    heh, you and lavender (@inkdweller) are the only people actually from london going. archina and i are midlands, rosti is cambridge, qlex and tomek are french and sumez is danish.


    during his (brief) return to the IRC the other day, EDO said he might be able to tag along at some point. i'm not sure if he'd be staying the night(s), though in any case we ought to sort out sleeping arrangements. @Qlex - is your hotel room a single or can you fit others in?
  18. I'm taking @Sumez in after having discussed with him, I don't think it's possible to fit 3 people in there
  19. Muf


    That's what she said
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