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Thread in 'Competition' started by DDRKirby(ISQ), 13 Sep 2008.

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    Re: [Typomino]

    So I suppose this is part of Heboris UE?
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    No it's its own game. What makes it noteworthy is that there's no "left" and "right" etc. Instead you type at a keyboard to directly place the pieces, hence the name.
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    Re: [Typomino]


    also to make up for lack of sliding, deep drop is allowed.

    It also has a rather long preview.

    You have to read the preview, and see "words" that correspond to good piece placements and look ahead insanely far and fast, but if you can do that, in theory you can get insane times reaching TAS speeds. In practice, since i'm not a touch typist, i suck badly. [​IMG]
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    40 lines: 120 seconds

    (i tried a little more seriously this time)
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    Now I can tell. Neat concept, any sauce? (Because this was also apparently on the heboris index)
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    There used to be a "hebo uploader" where this game was hosted. I never downloaded it, and the hebo uploader is now dead. Perhaps another kind person will upload it for you though.
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    40 lines: 119 seconds


    edit: 113 seconds

    edit: 108 seconds

    edit: 101 seconds
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    Re: [Typomino]

    that's great improvement Kirby, keep it up.
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    105 seconds

    (not a new record)

    just making sure I haven't gotten too bad at it. I haven't played for the past 3 weeks, as my RSI-related wrist pains have been a lot worse (I'm recovering though...)
  11. 93 seconds.

    edit: 91 seconds.

    edit: 90 seconds.
  12. Any volunteers to maintain this thread in jujube's absence?
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    I would like to maintain it in the meantime if it's okay with everyone else. ^^
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    89 seconds.


    EDIT: 80 seconds.

    EDIT: 77 seconds.

    EDIT: 74 seconds.
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    Things that have helped me:

    -planning out the first few pieces before starting =P
    -as with other tetris games, having plans for I, L, and J pieces.
    -making "easy" placements in favor of good stacking.
    -trying to focus on one area at a time, as it's a lot easier to stack in one place rather than jump from side to side.
    -taking advantage of "piece combos", like if I get an S and have an S held i'll immediately place both. if there's a T followed by a Z after that those will go down without hesitation as well.

    -doing practice sessions that are
    --extra slow, ensuring i'm doing everything in the most efficient way possible (no double rotates instead of 180 rotates)
    --paced according to a rhythm, to force myself to think ahead
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    72 seconds.

    edit: 70 seconds.
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    68 seconds!

    I find that i'm not using double-rotate like i should be.

    edit: 66 seconds.

    edit: 65 seconds.
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    60 seconds.

    on a somewhat related note, I learned colemak this summer.
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    57 seconds.
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    Wait, the version of the game that's in the first post right now is different than the one I've been using ("UTypomino", a java app) When was this version released? Are there translations for the various options? And more importantly, how do I close the darn thing xD

    most notable difference I've found so far: pressing ; to drop a piece doesn't always work, for example it'll never work for an O piece. This is different than the behavior in UTypomino...

    Also the ceiling extends slightly above the visible field in UTypomino.

    here's the version i've been using.

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