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Thread in 'Discussion' started by Rory76, 9 Aug 2019.

  1. Check out this lovely kill screen line spin by Tyler P...

    Some people still think he's not legit; and some that he's Thor. I'm a believer myself.

    When are the Arizona qualifiers? I've heard he's supposed to be going.
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  2. I would but the video doesn't seem to be working.
  3. Actually my embedding skills - or lack of...

    Try it now. :)
  4. wow anyone who can play that well in the nes version at that levels is impressive as heck in my books
  5. Thor is going to qualifiers, TylerP is not.
    (unless they are the same person).

    I think they're different because there are heaps of good players that have played for less than 2 years, so i don't think its infeasible for there to be some ancient god-tier player who's been hiding out the entire time
  6. From what I heard Tyler's been playing for decades - but tough to know what's correct and what isn't about him at this stage.

    It does look like he's added a webcam to his Twitch stream. Though it's a pretty weird one. ;)

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